Internal updates - Ather 450X & 450 Plus

On deliveries in Bengaluru

Hey folks,

Quite a few of you have made payments in Bengaluru during the lockdown. However, as you might be aware, vehicle deliveries were paused due to Govt. directives. Additionally, revised FAME II incentives were introduced recently which impacts all scooters that have not been registered yet. We’re clarifying the process and what to expect over the next few days:

  1. This impacts all those whose VAHAN registration has not yet been initiated.
  2. Since the FAME subsidy was revised, we are reissuing invoices to ensure eligible folks will be able to avail the improved incentives. There are a few hundred of you who are affected, and we’re trying to work this out as fast as possible.
  3. Your insurance policy and the premium would change too, to reflect the revised invoice amount. To ensure minimum inconvenience to you, we’ve been working directly with the insurance partners to re-issue the policies, but understandably the systems around insurance and registration have been bottle-necked in the past couple of weeks.

You’ll get a call over the next few days to update you on the status of your order and discuss the next steps.


Rains in your city? Here are some tips for keeping your Ather safe

Hey folks

There are heavy rains in many cities right now, along with predictions of the rains intensifying over the next few days. Here are some precautions you can take to ensure you Ather scooter isn’t affected by the cyclone:

  1. Disconnect and turn the charger off, especially if your charger is installed in an open space
  2. Ensure you park your scooter on higher ground and under a covered space if possible. Avoid parking on inclines.
  3. If you’re parking it outside, make sure the scooter is parked on firm ground. Avoid parking on loose soil, since heavy winds are expected.
  4. In case of any unfortunate flooding in an area, try to ensure the water doesn’t go above the floorboard if it is safe to do so.
  5. If the water level is above the floorboard, do not turn on the scooter or operate it. Wait for it to completely dry and reach out to the service team for an inspection before riding it.

Opening up our proprietary fast-charging connector for other OEMs to drive faster adoption of EVs

Hey folks!

Ather has been at the forefront of enabling fast charging in EV 2 wheelers for the last few years. Today, there is no fast charging/connector standard in the Indian market that is suitable for 2 wheeler use. We strongly believe that the future of mobility in the electric 2 wheeler space would be built on fast charging for non-commercial use cases, rather than battery swapping.

Hence we developed a proprietary charging and connector standard, based on the IEC6219601 with the following requirements:

  • A single connector for fast public charging (DC) and EVSE charging with an onboard charger (AC), for both slow and fast charging.
  • CAN 2.0 communication, Control pilot and Proximity Pilot to establish communication between the scooter and the charger, for a seamless and safe experience while fast charging.
  • Small size for use in light EVs
  • Low cost enabling usage in economy vehicles

This standard & connector is currently in use across 200+ Ather Grid points in India and has been rigorously tested in various conditions across India.

We’re glad to see the larger auto industry rally around fast charging, and want to enable other OEMs to leverage the charging standards and subsequently the wide Ather Grid network across India. Ultimately, this would help tackle range anxiety and bring interoperability in fast charging standards in India for light EVs, leading to more fast charging options across the country.

And towards helping accelerate faster transition to electric, we’re opening up our State-of-the-Art Proprietary Patented Connector to other OEMs who are looking to collaborate on fast charging, to avoid multiple standards and to bring in interoperability in the light EV fast-charging space. Any OEM who leverages the connector and the standard would be able to use Ather Grid locations, and Ather scooters can be charged at charging networks which integrate the standard. As more OEMs integrate these standards, the entire ecosystem benefits, fast-tracking EV adoption in India.


Update on Deliveries in Maharashtra

The Govt. of Maharashtra had announced a revised EV policy with increased incentives on July 13. While the policy has been announced, the rollout of operational guidelines still hasn’t happened which includes important factors such as what date the new policy comes into effect. Without these guidelines coming in, we can’t pass on the incentives to you.

We are in regular communication with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, to push for a speedy resolution and operational roll-out.

If you have a pending delivery, here’s what you can do:

  1. Hold on to the excitement a little longer to take advantage of the new incentives
  2. You can buy it off right now without the additional subsidy - this also means you won’t be able to claim it retroactively.

If you have further questions, do reach out to the Ather Space in your city.


Recently, a few fake websites have come up using our name and trademarks to mislead customers and retail partners. We have already initiated legal proceedings against them with the relevant authorities. The only official website for the company is If you have paid money to these fraudulent websites for booking a scooter or for a retail partnership, we suggest you to contact your local police station immediately. They will assist you with next steps.


Update: the issue is now resolved, and network is back up.

Hey folks,

Our network provider has reported technical issues since today morning. We’re working with them to get this resolved on priority. This might affect connected features and Ather Grid status for those scooters on 4G.

We’ll share an update when the network is back up.


Hey folks,

Sharing an update on the 4G upgrade process for Ather 450s on road. A few owners who’ve got the 4G module retrofitted have reported some issues with the network connectivity, while we’re investigating the issue and resolving it, we’ll be pausing the 4G upgrades for some time.

We’ll be reaching out to those who’ve booked slots already


Introducing Ather Labs

Hey folks,

Today, we’re launching Ather Labs, a new feature in the latest version of the Ather App (5.0.0).

What is Ather Labs?

Ather Labs is a space on the mobile app for you to try out our new ideas, and share your feedback early in the process of development. Based on your feedback, a feature could become a permanent addition, or can be changed/removed.

Ather Labs will be available for those subscribed to the Ather Connect Pro plan. Using the Ather Labs widget on the Ather app home screen, you can choose the features you want to enable for trial. You can choose to disable a feature anytime as well.

Savings Tracker

The debut feature on Ather Labs is something a lot of you would be excited to experiment with - Savings Tracker. As owners, we’re constantly calculating fuel saved and your contribution towards reducing CO2 emissions (even if it is for bragging rights on social media). The Savings Tracker option will give an overview of how much money you’ve saved, how many liters of petrol you’ve avoided, and how your riding has affected CO2 emissions. Of course, these numbers may not be 100% accurate (with the way petrol is increasing daily, and the variance across the same city), but it is accurate enough to help you meet your savings goals. In addition, you’ll be able to set a weekly goal of riding in terms of distance and track your progress towards those goals.

For those on iOS opt in to the testflight, and download the latest version of the app.

Update: Android App is live now

For those on Android, we’ve pushed the update to the Google Play Store and should show up as an update in a few hours. You can then head to the app page to update your Ather App to the latest version.


Hey folks,

Charging at Apartment Complexes when you don’t have a dedicated parking space has been a challenge for many enthusiasts who want to switch to an EV. We’ve been working with Apartment Complexes and communities on this, and are excited to announce the first partnership with Ecosoch, to install common charging stations at Salarpuria Greenage for Ather scooters owned by residents there.

We’re super glad to see more Apartment complexes and communities embrace the idea of EVs and find solutions to enable faster EV adoption. If you/your apartment complex is interested in exploring solutions similar to this, you can reach out at, and our team will get back on possible solutions.


Hey Series 1 owners,

The much-awaited translucent panels for Series 1 scooters have reached different cities, and we can’t wait to see you flaunt them on the roads! We wanted to wait till the panels reached the cities to share the news, and the installations have begun already in a few cities :smiley:

How will the installations happen?

A service executive from our local teams will call you to schedule a suitable time for installation.

The installation drive has already started in all cities. We’re moving as per queue so if you got your Ather 450X Series 1 earlier, you’ll get the call sooner.

When would the panels be installed on my scooter?

Based on the number of Series1 owners in your city, it will take around 15 days to 2 months to do all the installations. If you have any queries around the panels or their installation, get in touch with your local service team.


State subsidy in Maharashtra is now live!

Hey folks, some great news coming in for those who were waiting for the subsidy in Maharashtra to be implemented on ground.

We’ve got confirmation from the government that the policy is now officially live. The effective prices for both Maharashtra have been revised, and prices for both the Ather 450 Plus and 450X have reduced by Rs. 24,500 thanks to the state subsidies!

If you have a pending delivery or were holding off on purchasing, reach out to the local team to get more info on timelines and purchase process.


Update: we’ve pushed the update to the App Store for iOS users, you should see an update in a few hours.


200 Ather Grid locations across India!

A significant milestone for fast charging infrastructure for Electric 2 Wheelers in India, we now have installed Ather Grid points at over 200 locations across the country.


Hey folks!

We’re extending free charging at Ather Grid points across India till 31 December '21. If you haven’t had a chance try out one of the Ather Grid points near you, drop by for a quick top-up, and don’t forget to check out the store/cafe/restaurant that’s hosting the Ather Grid charger!