Interesting Video review I found on YouTube

Nice editing and the way review is done is mind blowing… here is the link…


Saw this video today morning. Nice unbiased review I must say with loads of humour. He’s covered almost everything he could in the two days that he had the Ather with him.

I was like :flushed: when he pulled out the plug out of the charging socket in the public charger. He might’ve damaged the plug in doing so! The black thing on the plug is not a button (like he said), it’s just a thumb grip. if he had seen the dashboard it clearly says turn on the key to stop charging.


Anurag Salgoanakar is turu lob!! I have been following him since a year and all his videos is top notch, especially is sense of humour!! Underrated guy!

Earned a subscriber! What an epic video and beautifully edited. Love unbiased reviews!

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His videos are oddly likable. Feels like you’re riding with someone who keeps commenting about traffic, but generally a fun experience :smiley:


I literally finished watching his video now and just came on to the forum. This was one of the few Ather videos I genuinely enjoyed watching a lot among all other that are there and I have watched. Reading and watching Ather stuff is what I do while I wait and wait and wait. 24 mins long video but definitely worth the time.

Same. I was like ouch! I wondered that how is that possible and was going to add it to my list of questions. If Suba hotel grid point is damaged now, we know who the culprit is :wink:.

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A fun and “insightful” interview by Powerdrift. Highly recommended to watch. Without giving much spoilers, just would like to say two things:

  1. Chor
  2. Don’t Play board games with @tarun !