Installing the Ather Dot

Engage the apartment owners association. Wiring should be take. From the meter box via a conduit up to your parking spot. The dot can be connected to a 16a 3pin socket (because the prongs only fit a 16a size socket) or directly to a junction box. Either way, make sure there is an MCB to isolate the pod from the meter box.

All home charging point authenticate with the scooter. Your scooter needs to be linked to the pod for it to charge your scooter. If a friend or relative wants to charge their vehicle using your pod, you’ll need to call support and ask the. Re-map the pod to the other vehicle.

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I’m from Mumbai, sir!

If the kids can mess with your charger they can mess with your scooter too :stuck_out_tongue: I wish first party insurance covered the Dot too :stuck_out_tongue: at least as an option (AFAIK it doesn’t )

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@raghav.srinivasan Thanks a lot for your inputs, this will help a lot!

Haha that’s so true man. Ima get a cover for the scooter for sure! People would definitely meddle with something that’s alien to their eyes. The scooter and the Dot, both will work up their curiousity!

I just moved to a newly developed society, and it’s completion certificate is not done yet. Also, society formation is pending.

So, I’ll have to take permission from developer for the dot installation. Don’t know if he will allow it or not.

You know my concern is, that even though this whole installation process is so simple and clean, there will be people who’d mess with me, cos it’s so new to them. They tend to get hostile about things which are done individually. Like “Kal agar sab log lagayenge, toh hum sabko kaisa allow karenge” type of stupid argument, you know?


:joy: that happens a lot. And Pune people are so good in these type of arguments

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Surprisingly same argument at my earlier apartment complex in Bangalore. They instead ended up providing common charging points for EVs, which I was able to use with a portable charger.

Also, since the building was nearing completion, they didn’t have a mechanism to log usage of the charging points yet to bill me, so I had free charging for many months.


Same issue in my hostel in Chennai. I told them I will reimburse for the no. of units I have used at whatever rate they get billed & I will take care of the installation procedure without any mess. But they are like if we allow you to install charger tomorrow if many others will ask for their bikes and we can’t allow, they also said we can’t entertain individual requests you want to install charger, Some others want something else etc.

I was 100% depenent on grid charging only in Chennai. Now I have taken 450 home town and for last three months only home charging.


I didn’t ever think I would have to worry about charger installation because I was thinking to get Ather at my hometown but life took a turn and I’m in Hyderabad now and living in a flat on rent.

Now I have to seek permission from my landlord regarding dot installation and I’m very much worried about the whole process considering that Ather Team isn’t managing the installation for free now.

I read forums but can’t get the info about the latest version of charger(Probably Ather Dot) that I’ll get with 450x, a lot of things changed in quick succession which is creating confusion. I found this video on YouTube

Can anyone confirm whether I’ll be getting this home charger for installation or something else? Even the link for the Ather Dot user manual is broken.

I need to know everything in details about the installation so that I can present my case in front of my landlord. Please include points like drilling, pulling wire from meter etc etc which can be a major concern for the landlord so that I can convince him.

Please don’t come up with something like it will be explained in detail soon in coming weeks because I’ve to pay rent to him in a week. So if he doesn’t agree I’ll change the flat. My priorities are straight :rofl:

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You will be getting the Ather Dot, not the one you see in the video.

Here you go:

It’ll be linked out in the FAQs, for future reference:


I know this is a little out of topic but what if we put a disc brake lock on the ather with an alarm as that will prevent the wheel from moving and also keep children away because of the loud alarm

Hey @abhishek.balaji @tarun one of my major concerns that have been on my mind, deterring me from going ahead with the 450x purchase is the lack of a magnetic lock on the Ather DOT. This might seem like an insignificant issue to deter me from upgrading, but hear me out: I’m sure you know how easy the charging POD is to use at home with the magnetic lock, since you own the first 450 version, like me. This simple mechanism screams ‘premium’ and works great just like the first day. I don’t need to use an external gimmick to keep the handle in place or worry about strong wind or accidentally brushing against the handle and risk having it fall and be damaged.

Would it be possible to incorporate a magnetic lock on the Ather DOT for 450x customers?


@raghav.srinivasan Your pictures really helped me, BESCOM billing guy was convinced and agreed. As I was able to convince with your reference pics. He initally said one should not touch metre board, penalty blah blah, he was convinced and sent back. Thank you !! Offcourse how can I miss mentioning @abhishek.balaji who gave me confidence at the beginning and asked me to post it here :wink: hence edited the post.


Hey @abhishek.balaji , it was mentioned that the DOT charger will be provided with 450X for free. Do we still have to pay for the installation? In the FAQs on the website, it’s mentioned that we have to pay for installation. Attaching screenshot for reference.

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Yep, you’ll get the Dot or portable charger along with the vehicle. Installation is easy and can be done by any local electrician, or you can ask for it to be done by Ather. Some of the owners have done it themselves as well if you’re handy with tools!


Could you give us details like what is the recommended things if we want to do it ourselves. For example things like: 5Amp socket, Wire of any specific type?

There’s a Dot Charger Manual, you can download and refer to. Has all the specifications and directions given.

Here’s the step by step installation guide: Installation guide