Installing the Ather Dot

you need the connect the light’s connector which is in the front panel to the rear connector , a small automotive connector will be there something like this ather connector

Thanks. But where it will be? Inside DOT?

But DOT is working and vehicle getting charged.

I haven’t opened the DOT, just plugged in to nearest plug that’s all.

I believe he is talking of the dashboard and not the dot’s light (indicator)?

It will work but the light is required ti check if there is any error. If there is any issue in dot then it will be red. If update is happening then amber and if good then green.

For light to be On we have to open tge outercase and you will understand which pins to join. So without light also it will work it is just for indicative purpose

By display light, if you mean the light on DOT, do the following only if you are comfortable in DIY. Otherwise call Ather support:

  1. Important: Disconnect the DOT from power point.

  2. Open the DOT cover. You will see the white connectors disconnected as shown in image.

  3. Join the connectors.

  4. Replace the cover. Plug in the DOT and check, the light will glow. The below image is when it’s charging.

You are done!


I am talking to DOT’s light only, it’s not getting ON

Thanks a lot. Its working.


Dear All, Further to provide update on my previous post, I was able to successfully charge my 450x via solar and inverter, the dot charger consumes some where in the range of 4.5 to 5 Amps current with around 800 Watts power, charge from 15% battery to 100% took around 4 Hours with around 3.8 Units of electricity. So any one planning to charge their 450x on solar and inverter you need atleast 1.5kw inverter and above exclusively for charging the vehicle. Do let me know if any more information is required from my side.


what is the cost of the inverter and solar panel… can you share some pics ?

Inverter is a unique one which works with battery in normal mode and can work without battery when solar connected. Total system is Hybrid setup, with inverter being, FlinFusion 3Kva with 400Ah Battery Bank and 5Kw of Solar Panels from UTL Solar! Total Setup costed me around 3 Lakhs and complete planning and setup was done by me alone without any system integrators help. System generates and we use an average of around 300 Units per month from Solar plant. We are almost off the grid paying minimum fixed charges on electricity bills of 250-300 INR


how much cost current battery price bro for ather 450x can you tell me…

wow, looks neat. Would recommend adding a battery balancer 48v. it will improve battery imbalance voltage


Thank you, but this system is 24v and I have 2 sets in parallel to provide high backup as i am operating almost off grid.

Once you get your Ather 450X delivered, they give the Ather Dot charging kit to you. Once you reach home, connect the charger and it won`t work though your electrician installed your Dot charger.

Do these simple steps: Remove the charger from scooter, Then hold left, right brakes & start button together for 15 Seconds. Then your dashboard will be restart. Then you put the reset button on the plug given by Ather for 5-10 Seconds. Now insert your charger gun with your scooter. Now your charger will start working.

You can call customer support as well, they also help you to do the above steps. Happy & safe driving friends


Is it easy to install dot … can u tel how to install dot.

Very easy, just open the dot and connect the wire. And then close the dot and then read my above articke

The Ather guys in Delhi did a great job. Paid for extra 2 meter cable and it was all done. Clean job. Got a box made for the Ather Dot for protection against theft or tampering.


Awesome. Even I’m getting 450X in 2 days. Confused between Dot or portable. To save that 2000 for installation, thinking to opting for a portable one. What you guys recommend and why. Mine is a independent house G+2. G has 2 bedroom house where renters would be staying. We stay on 1&2 nd floor. thank u

congratulations for your vehicle! if you’re using the vehicle for city use and will be returning home most of the days, dot would be a better option. as it will be available and you won’t be needing to carry it to your flat everyday after you charge or no need to store in your boot.

portable charger needs to be carried, i think that’s a hassle unless you’re going out of city frequently.

you can save the installation cost by getting your local electrician do the installation, it’s quite simple. it would cost ₹500.

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Thanks for your inputs. Even I’m thinking about the same. Is the warranty policy changed as they said that Dot and portable have 2yr not 3yrs.

In my case the portable wasn’t available. I stay on the 3rd and the 4th floor and i dont find any issues it being under my house. Its placed right next to where my 450x is parked. I feel dot is more convenient as it’s fixed to the wall perfectly by the Ather technicians. Saves the time and effort of plugging n unplugging it everytime. Got a box made with lock to to give it that extra protection. Dont save 2k as these guys know their job well. Clean and professional work. Better to be safe than sorry later. You can keep monitoring the charging from the app and it cuts off automatically once charged completely.