Installed a seperate electricity meter

Installed a sub-meter in my parking space with the Dot charger.


I had thought of installing a separate meter for EV charging the day I bought my Ather. But was researching for best options. Recently I came across a product on Amazon (link below, not affiliated :sweat_smile:) to measure the energy consumption. It’s only been 3 days since I bought this and working fine till now. Shows all the necessary metrics like current, voltage, power, frequency and total power consumed since last reset. I like the reset option in this one. Every month I can reset the power consumed and start from 0, will be easier for logging. It’s fully digital and installation is easy as well. Normally I have my Ather dot inside my home also I carry it around in boot if I travel long distance, so i installed it on my extension box (if I install it on my wall socket, then I won’t get to know how much energy it consumed when I charge outside my home). I think this does not require any approval from local power suppliers.

Amazon link:

I bought the 20A version of this since that is enough for home charging on most of the EVs.


@gauravbhand - Can you please share the format for Undertaking on Rs 200 Stamp Paper. Also, I heard that EV meters have few concessions like at night 22-6 get a “-1.2” rupee discount per unit. Let me know about this too.

Unfortunately I have lost the format but you can get it in the MSEB office and write the format by hand there itself whenever you plan to submit the application.

PS: For now, I have suspended my meter connection as there is still chaos in PMC/PCMC MSEB office regarding unit rates for EV meter connection.

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Ohh! So so charging vehicle from the residential meter? And how much avg bill you got for the EV separate meter?

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This is it for a 4 KW sanctioned load with 7 Rs per unit rate


Currently charging from my residential meter and keeping a check that the total units doesn’t cross 300 per month