INGRESS / POKEMON GO with Ather450x

I had pre-ordered the 450 about an year and half ago. Cancelled it then. Early this year when the Covid situations were better, I started doing weekend in-city ride on my Avenger220 to keep it in condition.

I’ve been playing this GPS based AR Game: INGRESS - the predecessor of POKEMON GO by Niantic Labs.

So whenever I am out on bike alone, there's nothing stopping me from playing Ingress. Few of my recent missions needed me to do lot of short rides. For short rides I used to take my Dad's Activa. For a mission that needs moving around withing 1km radius back & forth, Activa was good compared to Avenger. I cannot take Activa for far away missions if Dad might need it for some work. And I realised my 7yrs old Avenger ain't helping me; maintenance was getting high + fuel prices is known. Hardly used it in 2020. Sold it recently. Now buying A450x. Ingress is just the predecessor of Pok go. I know many of you have played and enjoyed Pok Go. I was never a fan of Pok Go/Pokemon series. But I'm guessing most of the gameplay is based on/more or less similar. .

Watch “Playing Ingress” on YouTube -

I’ve travelled 100s of kms playing Ingress, made many good friends across different states and countries within Ingress community.

I can relate almost similar enthusiasm around Ather forum and owners.

I’m hoping A450x and Ingress will be a real good combination for me. Creating this topic to discuss and share similar interests.

Playing Ingress, boosted my endurance levels to crazy extent + met many new people whom I’d have never known or met without the game.

With my passion for cruising on my bike & travelling added to it.

Before it was Avenger + Ingress, after lockdown (when situation gets better) it will be A450x + Ingress :sunglasses::yum::innocent::world_map::motor_scooter::pushpin: I’m in between of payment stage at present.

Not only that😁 but this topic will help to discuss such unusual ride patterns. That I don’t think would be best, but also to learn from active Ather owners.

I’ve been trying to understand different things related through various topics and threads. But now hoping to see most of the relevant info here. Thanks Everyone in advance :wink::grin:


Hey fellow Ingress player! Imagine running Ingress on the dash!

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The moment when I 1st got to know Ather has a display like it has.

Reminded me of this.

So apparently there’s a ‘secret code’ that can be entered at the navigation input box to gain access to the underlying android system. I doubt its powerful enough to run Ingress but I’d love to give it a try - if I can get access!

I’d not want to mess with it. But wud lv to have. Just the intel map is also more than sufficient. All it needs is a browser 🤷😋 INGRESS app itself is so power hungry. You see why an agent uses a power bank usually. At the most if a browser is made available on a split screen to keep ODO running on a half and browser on other half will serve this​:sunglasses::heart_eyes::yum:🤷