Indicator/Blinker gestures and features

Gestures and features for indicator

  • Long press: Toggle indicator sound temporarily.
    • If beeping off, it will beep.
    • If beeping on, it will be blinker-only.
  • Double tap: Toggle persistent indicator. This will toggle indicator auto cut-off temporarily.
    • If auto cut-off was on: user will have to press the cancel button to turn off the indicator
    • If auto cut-off was off: Indicator will auto cut-off this one time.
  • Indicator cut-off tone when beeper is disabled:
    • If auto turn-off is enabled, then play a distinct tone when indicator turns off
    • If auto turn-off is disabled, then play a distinct tone every n seconds or m meters to warn.

Further ideas welcome!

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Auto switch on and switch off the indicators based on the route and GPS position of the scooter. That is if the rider has selected the route to the destination, indicators may be actuated depending on the GPS position of the scooter on the route chosen automatically. The idea is that indicators will switch on and off even if the rider forgets to switch on. But with current plethora of network issues, this will remain a dream.

I agree. As long as there is (currently available) military grade GPS / nav, it is just a dream.

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