Independence day 2021 Community ride-Bengaluru

Bengaluru Owners, would you be interested in an Independence day ride?

We can have a small community ride on the 75th Independence day. Folks from Mumbai and Pune are planning similar rides. I would like to know the interest of people to go on a ride (considering the current situation). Depending on the interest, we can decide on the starting and ending point of the ride

Please respond to the below event.

Respond by 12.08.2021 so that we can finalize by 14th and do the ride on 15th.

Also provide your suggestions. It would be good if:

  1. the starting point is somewhere close to all.
  2. A grid charger at the starting point/ending point will be an added advantage.
  3. Around 20kms total ride distance.
  4. considering the situation, better to avoid common (read crowded) points like lalbagh/cubbon park as many other such programs would be planned from/to those places

Any expenses (like breakfast, parking charges etc) would be borne/shared by individuals. Ather as a company is not arranging this (AFAIK, they do not have permission from the Government to organise such a ride).

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Here is my suggestion:

We can plan a ride to Olive Planet Cafe


Rough Itinerary:

  • 07:00 Meet and greet just after Hebbal Flyover (Opposite Esteem Mall).
  • 07:30 to 07:45 Start Ride to Olive planet (11km one way) and reach there by 08:30.
  • Have breakfast at the cafe, check out their store and top up the scooter if needed as they have an Ather grid charger.
  • 10:30 Ride back to Hebbal flyover.
  • 11:00 reach Hebbal flyover and Disperse.

The military themed cafe and store will be a nice theme for the Independence day.

Edit: I called them up now and confirmed that the cafe is open on 15th.

Is it legal though? Section 144 has been imposed till 16th August by BCP AFAIK


As per the latest guidelines, there is no sec 144 in Bengaluru during daytime for sure. it’s for districts bordering MH and KL. However the guidelines also say that large gatherings are prohibited. So, to be frank, I don’t know how the enforcement will be like.

This is why probably Ather is not organizing the ride. This is exactly why I started this thread - to gather interest and opinions

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Doesn’t Cafe Olive Planet open only at 11am?

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Hey guys, it was great meeting you all! Just attaching a few pics I’d taken here.



Started from home with 15300km on the Odo and travelled 40kms till Cafe Olive Planet on ride mode with 51% of charge remaining. I planned not to charge and ride back home on the same charge

We lined up 5 450s and 2 S1s for this beautiful shot with an army supplies store at Cafe Olive planet in the background. There’s a full size Ghillie suit in the store! #PUBG players would love it!

Giving special attention to my machine! :grin:|

These fancy keychains!

The mandatory group pic. We have discussed tech, EVs, work and ride experiences with @ather

Obsessed over our machines as always

After this , We all hurried back home to watch the launches of Ola Electric and Simple Energy :slight_smile: