Improvements to Ather 450X

Suggesting following improvements on next version

  1. Side stand to be more lengthier to reduce steep angular position of side stand
  2. Reverse mode to play music for rider to be aware
  3. Head light to be more powerful
  4. USB Charging port to be included either inside under seat space or next to charging port
  5. DigiLocker to be mapped against vehicle
  6. Battery Range to be extended to 100 km for E Mode & 80 Kim’s for W Mode
  7. TPMS to be made part of Service Pro category in 450X
  8. Ather Helmets to have wireless Bluetooth headphones to pick calls
  9. App based Kill Switch feature to be made for safety purpose
  10. Foot rester to be made available until back wheel

Few things Ather has announced :

  1. Reverse sound can be enabled or disabled in settings.

  2. New model coming soon with more battery capacity.

  3. Ather also will launch Bluetooth helmets but it has been so long since it was announced.

  4. Accessory to extend footrest also announced but not launched yet.

I would like to add 1 more to improvement:

Change the mirror design and provide it as an accessory


It already does this. What’s the change you’re asking for?

What would this do? How would it work?

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Do we get Ther Helmets along with vehicle? Is it included in price? I asking this as I have not received.

You’ll get a standard helmet with the vehicle free of cost. Bluetooth helmet is not available yet. When it launches, it will have an extra amount, as an accessory.


Not everywhere. Only in a few states with local laws. You don’t get a free helmet in Bangalore.

Digilocker : More secure Documents repository approved by Govt of India, Ather Document holders cannot hold more than one DL

Helmets are not free and factored at Rs1500 in the invoices . Kindly check it

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