Improve dash indication in Map mode

TL;DR: improve various indicators and numbers on the dashboard to maps display.


Map mode is generally used when we are at uncharted territory and are more anxious about directions, current charge, range, etc.

Ideal indicators

  1. Real-time efficiency
    Currently missing in map mode. But this would help in riding better and conserve on anxiety when in unknown areas that might have unpredictable terrain. A red halo will help here.
  2. Charge %
    The range indication is a general calculation based on current battery percentage, and cannot be one-size-fits-all. Hence adding battery charge% helps more.
  3. Moving charge% to top right like on mobile phones
    This makes the interface more intuitive because all are used to check charge of phones which is usually placed top right.


Move the instrument cluster widget fully to top right. This is because it is harder to view the data by moving the head and eyes all the way to the bottom of the map (visual clutter) to congnize info.

Also, I think this is more like a requirement than a feature request. Third time in a row having inconvenience from battery SoC% as well as neck pain.

Let know of more ideas to make map mode better

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Already 23 votes are there for the same