Improper Maintenance of Grids

This is the Issue with the Hungry Hippo Cafe Grid in Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh

Some Idiot filled the Charger connector with Mseal Resin

I have called the Customer Support about this issue but there is no response from anyone

They just ask to create a ticket so that they can resolve the issue which never gets resolved

At last some of the Co-Owners who use the Grid Cleared the Mseal to the Extent it was possible to be cleaned

But still it might damage the Charging Connecter of the Scooter

So please replace the connector head with a new one so that no damage happens to the Scooters Connecter

@abhishek.balaji Please look into this issue


There should be some policy against charging station abusers. (Bet there is something about this in the fine print) but they need to be enforced and action should be taken. @tarun and Ather were kind enough to provide free charging for quite a while now and this is how people treat the gifts. Cameras could be installed and necessary action should be taken against them as good users suffer as a cause.