Idle Discharge while parked

Can you give some insight on trickle discharge?
If I park my scooter at my office by 9AM, usually I rode back after 6PM. For this 9 HRS, what is the discharge quantity?

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You mean self discharge. I measured this in only 1 instance when I left it idle for about 30 hours in a basement. It had lost 4%. I think that is reasonable.

Trickle charging is a problem though. When I leave it charging overnight, it completes charging in about 3 hours and then switches off. Then it switches on again every 2 hours for about 10 mins each time. I notice this whenever I’m awake at night because the fan noise during charging is quite audible.
Lately I have started to switch off the charger once it’s charged which I was too lazy to do especially late in the night.
I wish Ather provides a feature to switch off the charging from the app or better yet do not start recharging until the charge level falls below 95% or something like that.


The standby reduction rate of the range is around 8 -12 Km per day .

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That’s quite extreme considering the timeline, so if the vehicle is not used for about 15 days continuously, the battery is probably going to be fully out of charge?

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Exactly the reason why the 450 has a vacation mode built into it. With this feature you can turn your vehicle off with a tap on the dashboard. Once in this mode, the self discharge is substantially slower and the charge should last over a month. To disengage the vacation mode, you can simply put the key in, and the vehicle will turn back on.


Is the vacation mode advisable on a day to day basis? As in if I use the S450 to commute to office in the morning and post 9 - 9.5hrs be used to commute back home? The experience by new customers is worrisome as my office is around 32.5 Kms on 1 side. I was hoping to use the vehicle for my daily commute seamlessly - but I’m really concerned now.


It’s not suitable to apply vacation mode every time I don’t use the 450 for 2 days or so.

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Ok thank you

Bringing this old thread back up.

Based on what you are saying, the difference between normal discharge vs vacation mode discharge is mainly due to software? I think this should be fixed. I dont care about knowing how much charge my vehicle has every hour of the day - or the app needing to check back on the vehicle every so often. And I dont think it needs to check for OTA updates every hour.

Losing 8-12Km/day on standby seems like a waste.

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Yes, agree. I think the software and network features need to be optimized further for standby.

In my office basement, there is no network, and I think this makes the drain worse.

Not sure if it’s already there, but basic rules like checking for network only once in 30 mins should make a huge difference. Hope @Shreyas can add more colour.

If it’s not a software optimization issue, then it has to be a hardware issue. Latest phones have extremely power efficient SoC and modems build on bleeding edge fabrication processes. Maybe ather is using less efficient tech to save costs?

The vehicle does not search for network when you turn off the key and it gets disconnected from network…

so if the vehicle is parked in basement should not matter…

OK, that’s good to know. So then it’s like turning the aeroplane mode on the phone.

If it’s not the network, then do you know what else could be consuming so much power on standby?

Hey Guys,

This has come up in discussion in the past.

Please have a look at the quoted response below.

I can completely understand your thoughts on this. However, there are a lot of features that are active on the vehicle even when the key is turned off. The vehicle is always in standby.
And if we were to completely shut the vehicle off when the key is removed, access to those parameters will get cut off. Add to that, the vehicle will need to initialize and boot up every time the key is used, which will take a longer than expected time to start up. Something that can be an annoyance if someone is using the vehicle on a day to day basis for city commute(which is the predominant use case for the vehicle).


I was out of station for some days and in 25 days I saw a drop of 16% of charge and in a matter of 20 mins back to 80%


Did you shut it down or just locked it ? 16% in 25 days is great actually

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I had shut it down !


It could be because of the weather the past 2 weeks. No?

Not related to the weather

My experience on idle discharge is much worse than what is reported here. My scooter is just a month old. I don’t use my scooter everyday. But from 16 June to todau which is 19 my scooter has lost hatge from 44kms to 27kms. Does the new OTA update fix this. Any suggestions as to how to reduce this.

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