I am an EV enthusiast. I live in different city where Ather is not serving currently. Can I still go ahead to place an order?

Question: I live elsewhere in India where Ather is not serving at present. Can I still order and buy 450?


  1. For ordering 450, you need to provide an address which is served by Ather currently.
  2. You may still go ahead to place an order and buy the vehicle.

However following will NOT be provided to you by Ather,

  1. Registration will happen in a city that Ather serves in, for where the local address proof is required. Or Ather can do a temporary registration and sell the vehicle. It will be the responsibility of the buyer to
    get the vehicle permanently registered.
    (The registration can only be done in states in which Ather is presently on sale.)

  2. Ather will not provide vehicle service at buyer’s city/place.

  3. Ather may not be able to provide all the services as part of the subscription plans.