Hyderabad owners ride - July 2021 Hussain Sagar lake ride

Today 3rd June 2021, at 7:30 AM five of the Ather 450x owners Sandy, Mudassir, Akash, and Imran had an opportunity to have a short pit stop at Iconic Love Hyderabad Sculpture. We had quick chit-chat bal bla bla. Next stop at Nani Restaurant had breakfast then a ride on the necklace road. Though it was a short ride post lockdown this was needed to rejuvenate our sense of air pollution and make our contribution limiting carbon footprint by owning an EV. A proud moment with the main USP of Ather its weeee sound, a definite head-turner whenever we pass through, add on to that when 5 of us accelerate from 0-Go the feeling makes you go crazy.

Glimpse of our meet. Hyderabad owners ride to Necklace Road