HSRP number plate

Just a little amount of polish touched HSRP plate and it’s a disaster Don’t let polish, oil, Wd40 or any liquid touch the plate and also don’t even rub it hard.

It’s quality is quite horrible.

I am planning to wipe it all off and paint it white on letters/numbers

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Hey, we use Govt authorised vendors for the HSRP and this is very unlikely to happen in regular use. Can you reach out to CS regarding this? They’ll be able to direct you to get a replacement.

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Sure Abishek, i’ll check with CS Team.

Ya when it’s undisturbed the plate stays wtihout any problem.

This is the first time i was simply wiping with a microfiber cloth with little polish and it came right off.

Reply from CS:

So i think, better to paint it white to avoid future quality issue like vanishing numbers while cleaning bike.


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Mine was the non HSRP embossed plate which I ordered from Orbiz. Even that met with the same fate and I paited it white myself. I could remove the plates and do the painting neatly on a table. You can’t remove it also I guess.

However one thing I do not know is, since you’ll be painting it it will miss the IND pattern on the letters. Will the traffic police accept it? Let us know if you experience anything in future because of this

Yes, as its riveted I can’t remove the plates, I could remove then I need to replace to standard screws or get rivet outside which is not possible at this moment.

So I planned to paint it without removing the plate, so the rivet might stay undisturbed.

Also I thought of sticking white printed letters onto numbers, but still while jet washing or polishing it’s lifetime is less.

That’s why iam going to clean it well and going to paint white on letters and numbers, ofc with tapes around to contain the spread.

So this way it’ll last for a long time.

Well, in Chennai cops still don’t understand the nature of the green plate, let alone understand the HSRP :innocent:


My number place is wobbling very badly. It started during 1st mnt of delivery. I have inserted cardboard pieces to keep it off from wobbling

Instead of painting go for stickering.number plate stickers u might get at 50 from sign board shops.

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Stickers are good to go on flat plate, But Ather has a slightly embossed (raised) number plate on letters.

So the sticker would not stick properly, and any washing it’ll come right off.

The quality of number plate is so cheap, They are so thin!


Yes. Now the new vendor they source the HSRP from is worse than earlier one. The fonts embossed in HSRP of early owners were slim and neat. In “TN” that is N or H or just a :stop_button:. B and 8 looks same.


Horrible quality indeed !

Last HSRP, if any coconut oil or wax touches number plate, it’ll start to peel off just in an hour !

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Yeah. The plate thickness provided is very low and my Backside plate got cracked in riveted spot.

I given complaint to CS regarding this but No response from concern team. Finally i had to make a solution by myself with frame bought in outside shop.


I have a frame for the number plate and the problem with that is, it makes noise due to vibration on bad roads and every time I go over speed breakers.

Yeah. There is a small vibration sound of Plate inside Frame while going on off-roads/breakers.

We must give some packing behind the plate inside frame for stopping that (I used double side tape). Also someone can remove your plate easily if not sealed. U can stick the top cover of Frame with any quick paste for that.

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How many days required for Ather to get HSRPs created from the date of intimation of permanent registration Number?

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Usually it takes 2 days for HSRP PLATE to get ready after the permanent number is given.

This is the case with me for both my previous and current purchase.

But a small doubt if we take registration then also after we intimate the permanent number Ather or any vehicle dealer in that case shall provide the HSRP plate!!?.

If yes above is the answer.

Well with that calculation my plates should have been ready by EOD today but I was given an ETA of Thursday. Close to long weekend.

By the way I notified my permanent registration number on Friday noon.

I got Fame II acknowledgement of receiving my registration number yesterday noon!

HSRP plate should not take much time.

For me I got notification of permanent number received on Saturday 12 DEC and I called ather they said two days required and you shall get a call. On Monday when I called them they said already received and final checks for delivery going on. Called me on 15th morning 9:00am for delivery schedule.

Let is see just give them a call today evening to check by this time your plate should be ready.

I don’t think there is any link between fame 2 subsidy and plate.