How's pune riding? - January 2021

Hey @Pune,

Sharing some interesting insights into how Ather 450X owners have been riding in Pune!

In January 2021, the average daily distance is 16.2 km! Almost tied with Hyderabad, time to increase your commute, maybe take a detour on your way back from work? :smiley:

Till Jan 2021, Pune owners have clocked a whopping 36,500 km. That’s amazing for just a couple of months!

Share your interesting rides here!


Dont know if you can provide the numbers, just wanted to know how many Athers are there in Pune. Till date haven’t seen any other Ather on road (off course excluding me). If I see anyone, just want to wave at him :slight_smile:


Been riding around Pune since early Jan 2021 and man Puneri folks are such a curious lot!

That one quick glance, then a stare, then jumping straight with questions. At signals, while parking, in the building, and also while riding! Best are the ones who at first think…duh its a silly little toy bike, only to then see it ‘wheeeeezz’ past doing an 80 and then they’ll chase you down with all their queries at the next signal. But very happy to show around and answer questions, even doing test rides for building/society folks.

Some day I want to make this meme…

Everyone when I was preordering the 450X: Its just a toy, bade log, bahut paisa hai blah

Me when gas pumps start hitting centuries: Ab mai hansunga aur tum royge!

Lovin it, thanks team Ather!


Hey! I am from PCMC (Pune). I have purchased 450 plus 2 days back and am enjoying it. There are very less athers in Pune. It quickly becomes centre of attention. Everytime I go out, I find atleast 3 to 4 people asking me if it’s an EV and It gets annoying sometimes.