How's Mumbai riding? - January 2021

Hey @Mumbai,

Sharing some interesting insights into how 450X owners have been riding in Mumbai!

In January 2021, the average daily distance is 12.5 km! The lowest among cities we’re in :frowning:

Till Jan 2021, Mumbai owners have clocked 22,250 km! This is growing strong, considering it’s just over a month since deliveries began!

Mumbaikars, more group rides to get these numbers up? Share your interesting rides here!


Lowest among cities and you have mentioned correctly most of them started getting deliveries from 29th Dec 2020 and due to COVID situation, most Mumbaikars are working from home as it’s the most crowded places in India. We are waiting to get normalized and #WarpMumbaikars will show you how long we can ride :metal: and just to give you initial ride stats of my see below:


I’m not sure how many people travel REALLY LONG distances in mumbai by road or two wheeler. Given that we have decent connectivity by rail, bus, taxi, auto.

For ex: if I had to travel from Grant Road to Bandra/Khar daily, I would drive by car or take the train. But if I’m travelling within a 6-7 KM radius daily, two wheeler is the way to go.

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I use my ather for traveling to office. Around 22kms on one side. Total 44kms.

Using my car and ather alternate days.

Need to get hang of the scooter, as in of I ride at speed of 80, the efficiency figures are very high 34 to 38. At speed of 60 the figure is 28 to 30.

Trying to figure out the right balance here.

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I have been averaging 1-2kms on a daily basis between working and babysitting.

Think that’s my longest ride until now, will have much more rides soon!

Just don’t get the opportunity to go for a ride. Below is probably my longest ride untill now.

PS: even in my heavy traffic morning office commute, I can’t get under 40Wh/km. What’s the secret here ? Is it my riding style or my scooter ?

You rode on Warp mode the entire of the ride?

Also, maybe try switching between Eco and Ride, when you’re riding through traffic, might help with the efficiency.

Also in heavy traffic you have top 92 speed that looks like a riding style. Keep it constant speed and don’t be aggressive on ur accelerate. I am sure you will get more efficiency. All the best :+1:

No No. This ride was meant to be a fun ride. This is not my commute.

@abhishek.balaji Does Ather still send the owners the monthly stats? And if yes, what day of the month is that sent out?

@diago2707, They are still fixing some issues at their end. They will provide the monthly stats soon.

Great! Thanks for the update @juzeeweb :v:t4:

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Hi… why are series 1 customers Getting a deadline to purchase the bike before 14th feb … pandemic has damaged everyones business majorly. We as series 1 customers who have paid 2k before launch want till 31st march 2021 … or maybe we might just go to another brand

The Series 1 production is supposed to be limited only till a certain timeline, and hence the decision of deadline, which is already extended from a previous deadline.

Not sure which brand you’re referring to, but pretty sure no brand on the market offers the likes of Ather 450X :man_shrugging:

I enjoy the performance of this gizmo, it’s next level and the sporty feature, comes handy to over take sometime in a place like Mumbai.

I love it the way its designed and performance. If a person is passionate about bikes and loves riding its for sure meant for them :heart: no regrets… :heart_eyes: Loving Ather each day more. Just that the softwares need a lol more care to furnish for a better performance. :motor_scooter: