How's Chennai riding - January 2021

Hey @Chennai,

Sharing some interesting insights into how Ather 450 and 450X owners have been riding in Chennai!

In January 2021, the average daily distance is back after all the lockdowns to 16.8 km! That’s more than Bangalore!

Till Jan 2021, Chennai owners have clocked a whopping 3.6 million+ km on roads!

Share your interesting rides here!


I once took my S1 (Going Merry) to Mint Street (one of the busiest streets in Chennai), the relentless population stopped for a moment looking at the Going Merry. I felt like riding on a Chariot.

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Im having fun with this toy. It’s so fun to ride in busy streets, people enquiry me about the vehicle. Most people see it’s as a alien creator roaming in the street because of its power in warp mode and silence motor.

Found a matching meme! :smiley: