How's Bengaluru riding? - January 2021

Hey @Bengaluru,

Sharing some interesting insights into how Ather 450 and 450X owners have been riding in Bangalore!

In January 2021, the average daily distance is back after lockdown to 15.5 km!

Till Jan 2021, Bengaluru owners have clocked a whopping 20 million+ km on roads (and potholes)!

Share your interesting rides here!


35 days since I started riding, covered just over 1k KM.

Performance and range wise I never had any issues and complaints with my 450x. (No further comments on anything else here😉) It is like when ever I ride my vehicle my heart says “YE DIL MANGE MORE”

I have complaints on the looks of my vehicle though. Why so unique and beautiful, everyone passing by taking a picture so had to purchase a cover & started covering it. Also the fear of getting scratches on the beauty.

PS: after seeing the posts of other cities it seems Bengaluru is having less daily average. :face_with_monocle:


I used to ride for 55-57KMs a day (to office and back), but snice lockdown last March I did not get a chance to fly except for couple of occasional getaways :wink: and everyday groceries and stuff :roll_eyes: Still WFH, no chances of reopening office any time soon, waiting to ride my beauty.


Would love to know how many athers are on the road in Bangalore. You can reveal the 450 numbers now right? Since the production has stopped eh @abhishek.balaji ?


All non-IT professionals are back to work. There was some inactivity in the month of March and April but it has been 30-33km/day average ride for me since then.

Conditions of Bangalore roads has really worsened post lockdown which has put a slight dent on my daily range.

Used spot 1 or 2 Athers/week pre lockdown, it has leap leapfrogged to 5-7 Ather’s per day at various places.

Petrol price hike has also increased the frequency of “Saar, Est aythu” and related questions at signals,parking lots etc.


My first ride from electronic city to tamil nadu border towards hosur. Doubles weight 140kg Top speed achieved 90kmph


Seeing a lotta Ather’s on the streets now, a good sign!


March has been a crazy busy month for my Ather 450 at ₹0 running cost ! :star_struck:

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