How was the throttle just after applying brake. Sudden dead or have some power in your hand

I have query regarding regarding Ather. While braking the scooter throttle have still power like petrol scooter or moter having zero power till we pressing brake. I am asking this because most of new user connect to EV Scooter and they are uncomfortable with this feature. But is petrol scooter throttle have power after applying brake and that was great in bad Rodas as well as traffic conditions. Request all members of Ather community please post a genuine reply.

Performance wise there are no issues in ather. It will give you equal and some times better performance compared to some ICE equivalents. Vehicle performs normal while applying brakes as how a petrol vehicle performs unlike other EV,s where it comes to dead end and we have to pick the pace very slowly.

If you are looking for a performance vehicle then ather is best. The only issues we owners have are in software. By that I mean its dashboard software has some stability issues that has nothing to do with performance and can be fixed with proper OTA releases which they are working out and hope fixes sooner or later.

But since this question is all about performance with out going off topic I would say a big :+1: definitely go for it. Not just on single rides even with pillion you don’t feel the difference in performance. This is based on my 7 months usage experience.With this vehicle you always have power in your hand unless you drive below 15% battery, even then Ather is far better than other EV s in market.

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To answer your question, no the throttle doesn’t cut off when you apply the brakes. You’ll still have power when you’re applying the brakes.


I guess you are asking whether the motor will cutoff if you start applying the brakes, right? We found this issue with epluto 7g. Once you touch the brake lever, even before the tyres brake, the motor puts a good regen motor braking. And yes, motor won’t turn if the levers are pulled even a little. I usually do not brake while accelerating, but my wife noticed this and was stuck at a U-turn on a steep slope and I had to get in and use car clutch strategies to make that turn. You have to release brakes and then accelerate in a tricky way.

But NOT on Ather. Ather’s regen braking is not tied with the brake lever. Instead it happens when you turn the throttle in the reverse direction. Good thinking, Ather!

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