How to fix variation in earthing/ High earthing

How to fix earthing as the reading is overall high even though earthing is done at our residence. Experts can please help whether the MCB will handle the earthing issue or should we dig again ?

Srivatsa, did you check this thread?

I went through this thread. Couple of issues, charger light is green and I am waiting for my vehicle to be delivered. As per the technician who installed he says vehicle may not be charged due to variation in earthing. But when I checked with my landlord he is clear that earthing process was done 2-3 years back and may not be feasible for digging right now. So need clarity on this

Did you check with the technician on voltage between

  1. Neutral to earth
  2. Line to earth

If you have a multi meter (volt meter), would it be possible for you to check?

The technician checked and below readings were found Neutral to Earth was 39.2 Phase to Earth was 226.9

39.2 V is little too high. Ideally it should be 0 Volt, in practical this can be achieved anywhere between 0 to 5 V if the earthing is good. However I believe Ather charging point earthing can accept until 25 V(?) or so.

You may call an electrical technician to help you on this.


@rajeshkav Thank you for your support and suggestions, could solve the grounding issue. Now N to E is 3Volts at max usage.


Great and kind of you to update this Q&A. For everyone’s benefit, could you please update how the electrician has fixed this?


Anyone here has contacts of earthing / grounding experts in Bangalore?

The chemical rod type seems to cost around 3000 to 5000 Rs etc