How is the Warp Mode so quick?

Sounds great on paper until you drive in Silkboard and realize that the “Cap-burners” were just a super fast way to reach a traffic jam.


Hahaha…good one. For me even Warp Mode is a super quick way to reach the point of traffic jam and not to come out of it.

What is time taken to reach 0-90(shown in dashboard) in warp mode? @abhishek.balaji

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It all depends on weight of the rider. You already have your 450X delivered, why don’t you test it out yourself and let us know here.


My 450x takes 8.5sec to 90(shown in dashboard) in sports modes itself. Warp needs more trail to justify. Confirming with others to clarify friends query.


I’ll tell u in near future when bangalore roads allow for this … Mostly will be a far future :wink:

@acorreya Finally an Indian one :wink: “Electric Scooter Full Charge In 15 Minutes - New Gen Battery Charging Tech By Indian Startup”

cool. do let us know the same in warp mode as well. might be 1 second less.

I’d take it with a grain of salt till a few things runs fitted with this batt. It would be like having all specs on papers and tests (beta software you know). What if it drains out or even electroboom (yeah that YouTube guy) on certain conditions of Indian roads?

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there is lot of space inside the boot, why we can’t use this space by providing additional battery? i.e., introduce a battery pack as an accessory. Then the required customers will buy as per their needs.

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