How can I upgrade from one subscription plan to another?

You may upgrade. For instance, if you are currently on Ather Service and want to upgrade to Ather One 360, you can do that by just by paying ‘delta’ cost. Just speak to customer support and they will be able to get it done.

This upgrade is possible even if you have bought through lease/loan as the subscription is with Ather.

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Upgrade* to another plan is possible even in the middle of a billing cycle but downgrade** to another plan is only possible at the end of a billing cycle. We are offering the option to upgrade for those who’ve purchased a quarterly billing cycle, and pausing this option for annual billing cycle cases until 30th September 2020.

A customer can upgrade in the middle of a billing cycle by paying the difference between the price of the new plan and that of the current plan over the remaining period (prorated daily).

For example, let’s say you purchased the Service plan on 01-Jul-2020 and decided to upgrade to the 360 plan on 1-Aug-2020, 31 days later. You can switch to the 360 plan by paying ₹(2100 minus 1500) x (61/92), i.e. ₹398 (excluding GST).

*An upgrade means to move from a lower value plan to a higher value plan. **A downgrade means to move from a higher value plan to a lower value plan.

Is there any additional cost to upgrade to a different plan?

If you are upgrading to the Service plan or the 360 plan (which include service - related offerings) from Connect or Charge plans of Ather One, you may be charged a one-time nominal servicing fee for vehicle inspection, when you’ve requested the upgrade.

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