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Ya so many, you should be looking at multiple points including BKC as it’s where most headoffices are now located and placed inconveniently located between bandra and kurla stations. Getting there always needs a rick/cab which is rare in mumbai. But will get a lot of office goers curious. Also will soon be getting well connected by the underground metro. Then there could be saki naka as it too come somewhere is between and there is an existing metro line which makes it convenient for all. The other option will be going for one of the western/central suburbs but then it really far for the one left out. I know as i live at Mulund in the central line and it sucks getting to Malad. it’s like Whitefield to electronic city.

Here’s my code. CDW7WM. Go for it.

I got a question. Mumbai monsoons. How safe is it and what precautions should be taken.

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I have done my pre-order and look forward to owning one if allotted. I am just curious as to how the charging points in a crowded metropolis like Mumbai would be placed. I hope this is well thought out by Ather. One suggestion I would make is to evaluate placing power points at light posts on inner roads close to coffee shops and shopping centers, avoid arterial roads.

I think ather should consider tying up with coffee shop premises for example. A deal could be worked out where we could get discounts to spend an hour while the scooter is charging. Also the fame charging stations will be coming soon

I hope you guys come up with public charging in Navi Mumbai also

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Preorder already done you very much my dear friend hope to meet guys very soon

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Use the code from invite codes section. I have posted

Waiting 4 450x unveil v soon

@Ather.Team and everyone do check out this video from PowerDrift where they discuss about current scene of EV startups in India. Its really fascinating

Finally Ather 450x launch date revealed. Its 28.01.2020

This will be a wonderful and a memorable event as the 450 x is being launched on my wedding anniversary let’s see what the wife says

Really excited ! 28.1.2020

@abhishek.balaji i know it’s too early to ask this question, but is there another group where my concern can reach out.

Can’t speak on Mumbai monsoons, but this should help:

Basically, avoid wading if the water level is above the floor board. Anything below the floorboard should be okay.

Oh got to be careful venturing out during monsoons then. Coz 1 foot won’t be safe enough in certain parts of the city… also the display I’m guessing needs extra protection. Could you guys in the near future come up with a comprehensive do’s and don’ts and what could be covered in insurance. Coz it’s really important to know right. A rain cover for the scooter would be essential if have park it outdoors during rains right?

From where u get the date?

It is everywhere!

On the main ather webpage

Any update on the experience center location in Mumbai??

I went today. Now that I took a ride and actually felt after driven conventional scooter gazing thru Mumbai Traffic and jams.

It’s a nice scooter. Nothing you wouldn’t expect out of a scooter. Belt noise while racing up. Limited acceleration. In eco mode which I felt a bit under perform, coz our rides are pretty dynamic in Mumbai where we overtake and jump a lot. Park assist is good feature , just like ones car. Disc Brakes reassuring when we need. Sport mode is superb but speed breakers, potholes will kill the joy again and again. Infrastructure is a big ? A bit pricy compared to conventional scooters - 6G and access 125 as they assures smooth exp. hiccups as size is smaller so don’t expect 2 adults, 1 child for long ride. My suggestion is Govt and AtherEnergy shud work towards aggressive pricing to shift buyers from traditional bikes / scooters. Chetak and revolt has its own problems.

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