Hey Mumbai

Ather is planning to be in Mumbai this year. Let’s use this topic to keep a tab on the pulse at Mumbai


This is great news. Have been waiting for sometime.

@hemanth.anand @meghusn11
Post this on your social media platforms and spread the awareness… :smiley:

And the endless number of WhatsApp groups. Time to rake in those referrals. :smiley:

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Waiting for Ather 450 since its Launch. Now waiting for Ather 450X…

Finally in Mumbai. Was waiting for ather since its initial launch. Just did a pre-order of 450x.
I hope it will arrive soon :slight_smile:


:beers: to the city that never sleeps. Who pre-orders a scooter in the middle of the night!?


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What is the time line that Ather is looking at for it to start deliveries in Mumbai? I am looking for a new scooter as my Honda Dio is quite old, and wouldn’t be holding for long. I have completed my pre-order formalities.

Mumbai is in the list of the first few cities we’ll launch in. More details will be announced in a few weeks :smiley:

You’ll have to deal with your old scooter for not too long!

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Where will you be locating your EC in Mumbai? And are you planning to create Charging Point infrastructure in Mumbai as well?

Yes, we’ll have Ather Grid points setup in each city when we set up the experience centers. We’ve also invited dealership enquires from all these cities, to help speed up the process.

Any suggestions for good locations?


Pls have one setup in Dombivli or near Dombivli Palava… It is billed as a smart city so a smart scooter in a smart city gells well


Really Very Excited For 450x
I Need Information About Financing Scheme,Emi Etc.


i am intrested for delarship in thane dist

How can I per order I have not received any invite code

You can actually set up in the heart of Mumbai city called “Bhendi Bazaar” and they are developing a smart city that is already started as “Saifee Burhani Upliftment Trust” see the video

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450x waiting for Green Energy

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