Hero Vida V1 Plus & V1 Pro

Vida - powered by Hero Motocorp has launched V1 Pro and V1 Plus

Performance & Charging

  • Both have 80kmph top speed
  • V1 Plus has 0-40 kmph in 3.4 secs, V1 Pro can do 0-40kmph in 3.2 secs.


  • V1 Plus has IDC range of 143, and V1 Pro has IDC range of 165 km
  • Fast charging speeds at 1.2 km/min
  • Portable charger + Battery is removable for charging at home

Smart features

  • 7 inch TFT screen with OTA updates
  • Cruise control, riding modes
  • Keyless control
  • SOS alerts
  • Follow me home lights, find-me lights
  • Reverse assist
  • Boost mode for quick overtakes


V1 Pro: 1.59L ex showroom

V1 Plus: 1.45L ex showroom

First available in Bengaluru, Jaipur and Delhi, deliveries from second week of December.


With hero having stake in atherenergy , is sharing of charging network a possibility in near future ?

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Vida by Hero MotoCorp, In spec wise this is a competition to Ather itself. With a vast dealer network of over 6k, they can see a good sales number.

If they use Ather’s proprietary connector maybe. But the grids are already seeing a decline and inter-sharing the grid without billing is a waste of resources. I hope the saga of free charging comes to an end in Dec’22.


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I’m pretty sure they might, but still.

Hero Motocorp has tested the scooter for more than 200,000 km in varied testing conditions. Also, over 1,006 prototypes of the scooter and child parts have been developed and tested during the course.

This means they would have done research on different connectors.

Source, Zee News


Looks like same charging connector.


Interesting fact that they have used Ather’s fast charger, but for some reason they have used a different connector for slow charging. both battery will charge from that connector and the Ather’s connector is used for fast charging

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What in the holy mother of grid is this

So at booking itself they are showing to use Athergrid network which is already damm congested for Ather user. There are even words exchanged and now this? Ather should really consider the fact to let them use it or create a bigger network.


Based on what hero is saying about deliveries in December maybe Ather might stop the free grid charging after December just like it was told till 31st December …

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There is too much of Hero money running within Ather for them to ever refuse assisting Hero :slight_smile: The only solution is to either increase the number of grid points (I wouldn’t hold my breath for this, considering how the grid expansion and upkeep is already terribly failing to keep up with the current demand), or this, very likely (at least for non-Ather users):


I remember reading Ather sharing charging socket for free with other OEMs. Since this is Hero, it is 1. Free and 2. Ather Grid can be used.

Actually opensourced for everyone if i recall correctly

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This might also help Ather positively. Imagine Ather/hero grids at all hero showrooms.

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Yes. And it’s free of charges ig

Has anyone tried charging their Ather with Vida’s fast charger in Bengaluru? Is it compatible, if yes it is free ( I know Vida can charge with Ather’s charger), Their website show’s around 15 chargers in Bengaluru.

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Ather getting charged from Vida grid.


now the fun begins, I meant WW3 at those charging stations

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Are the charging speeds same as Ather grid?

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