Hello Hyderabad

Try here? Lots of folks sharing invite codes :slight_smile:

Been following Ather since the time they started pre orders for Bangalore.

Finally got a Invite today, and Pre-ordered it.

I have around 5 invites, reach me if anyone need a invite.

I’ve been following Aether for over 2 years now, since their inception and journey from Bangalore to Chennai and now Hyderabad.

Let’s all welcome Aether to Hyderabad.:star_struck:


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The only folks that got the battery all the way down leveraging the benefits of the lower center of gravity.

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Looking FWD to it!
Was wondering if change of city is possible. I am from Hyd & work in Bengaluru. I prefer one in Bengaluru instead of Hyd. Let’s see!

Anyone want the codes, feel free to ask me!

Hyderabad proving that they’re the “Sunrisers”. Who’s pre-ordering a scooter at 6AM? :yawning_face:


Many fans are waiting for it in Hyderabad

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Pre-Order is done waiting for official launch any expected date??

Could be an IT guy working night shift :wink:


Any Expected Price macha’s here in hyderabad??

Hello there are no details about 450x price and configuration

Pre order done waiting for launch, I expect they reveal things in February.

No by end of january they are going to reveal all details!!!

Can any one give me an invite code? I would really appreciate that.
I really want to purchase one when it gets launched in Hyderabad.

This should help… :smiley:

I read in a motor blog that the speculated price is 1.25 Lakh - We will only come to know once announced.

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I expect it to be higher because 450 is 1.25 L already. But if it were 1.25, yay!! :smiley:

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450X should benefit from economies of scale and hence should hold the same price as the 450 with slightly bumped up Specs.

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