Hello Hyderabad

The order ID is for all cities together. In Hyderbad, you’ll be earlier in the queue. You can reach out to your dealer if you’re ready to make payment and they’ll advise you on the next steps. The 31 December deadline is for those orders where the full payment window is already open, in your case you’ll have a month from when your full payment opens.

@abhishek, Last time when i visited for test ride, total booking taken for series 1 are 600, only 15 delivered today(1st Dec 2020). Most of them not responding or out of station -->out of 600 for series 1 booking. Can you ask call center team and share below details(transparent)instead of all showing there frustration on community, we can wait/guess and we can avoid unnecessary communication in community.

  1. Order id completed so far --> how many have skipped how many remaining out of 600.
  2. How many vehicles dispatched(next batch) from warehouse to hyderabad and will be available for delivery.
  3. Next batch order id details for delivery in hyderabad.

Sharing above details will keep us transparent.


Yes. Ive contacted the team and they said only 15 have been delivered. Seems like they are coming in the order. Hyderabad has 600 bookings and my number is almost around 250. Can we assume like 15 vehicles per day is the pace of deliveries? Then I would need to wait atleast 20 days.

They have to be transparent. Lot of ather enthusiasts are frustuated.

Hey, we won’t be able to give out those numbers. In Hyderabad and other cities, the pre-order -> delivery process is managed by the dealer. If you’re ready to make the payment, do reach out to the dealer. They’ll check current stocks and would also be able to let you know approximate delivery timelines for your order.

@Abhishek, We have booked(choosen) Ather before you have choosen dealers. If you give control to dealer, there is high chance like order id(out of station/not interested) sold to persons paying extra money. Out of station and Not interested benefit should be given to next in Order(queue). May be by doing this you may increase demand of vehicle. May be this is required for business. We are still waiting for our turn. We want you to grow BIG but not on our cost of trust.

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I tried to call the numbers provided for Hyderabad dealers no one has responded till now. I tried many times. Can some one let me know the dealer number to contact in Hyderabad.

I did not expect this delay from #ather . They promised to open the payment on Oct 31 and till now my payment for series 1 has not yet opened. I am little disappointed. When I went for the test drive on Nov 6th they said payment will open soon but today is Dec 1st and no update on this. Can someone from ather please respond ASAP on this @abhishek.balaji

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Ik boss cars Hyderabad won’t lift your call. 8686613079 Call him, he’s Sandeep. He’ll guide you. He was the one present when I did the test ride.

The contact number(Pride ather )which you have posted is not operational.This is a basic necessity , please do the needful

Not operational as in? You’re not able to get through to someone? You can refer the contact section of the website for the number: https://atherenergy.com/contact, do make sure to select Hyderabad in the drop down options

Hey @Hyderabad folks,

We had our fingers crossed that the Telangana government would implement the policy by the end of November, so more of you could get your hands on the 450X at a slightly lower upfront cost than we initially announced. We started deliveries with a waiver from our side, so a lot of you could get your 450X early. (This meant absorbing this hit from our side. Don’t say we don’t do nice things for the community)

Unfortunately, we’re still waiting for positive news from the TS Government on this (got to admit it sucks to be on the other side of “soon”). This means that we’ll have to revert our prices to the previous amount (pre-waiver pricing). At any point if the govt. decides to implement the policy on-ground, we’ll definitely pass on the benefits to you.

But for now, you should expect to pay a little more money as road-tax. We will go add a couple more calendar reminders to follow up with the local authorities to get a clear date on the implementation. (And for those of you who have become experts at hounding us every day for updates, could really use your help here :wink: )

As a reminder, you can directly reach out to our retail partner at atherenergy.com/contact to complete your payment and schedule your delivery in Hyderabad.


Thanks Abhishek and appreciate your work, Sandeep also gave same updates. Contact link is not working(make sure this is available).Regarding Road Tax waiver I would suggest you to ping KTR on twitter, which is visible to all. Never tried twitter let me try.


Hi, @abhishek.balaji I tried the number provided in the contact page for Hyderabad, but no one answers the call. It says you are in the queue and your number is 1, and then that’s it no further response. Do we have any other number to contact?

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Same response since last one month. No use of that number.

Call Sandeep - 8686613079 Vineeth shared this earlier and its working

Hi Abhishek, Could you please share DOT CHARGER installation video from Ather Technical installation expert. So that others can try from there end with help of local electrician or on there own. Which can SAVE installation chargers and saves time of Ather technician traveling to different locations for home installations.

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When is your ather getting delivered?

Vineeth, My order id is 25*** and yours is 26*** …Order id’s are in sequence from Ather across India. We both did on Jan 14th.(early morning of 14th Jan(pongal)- Single day 1000+ bookings). Hope we both get delivery on same day. Abhishek gave hint today, May be Tarun going to give more offers in coming meeting next meet(next second saturday).

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Yeah but the major prob for us is waiver of road tax in TS. My dad wants to wait till they issue GO. What about you? You’ll go ahead evn id you had to pay road tax?

We don’t have a installation video as such, but these resources can definitely help:

  1. FAQs on installation: https://bs-atherlegal.s3.ap-south-1.amazonaws.com/Private+Installation+DOT.pdf
  2. Dot user manual: https://bs-ather-jobs-assests.s3.ap-south-1.amazonaws.com/bpa-assests/Ather+Dot+manual+for+Ather+450.pdf
  3. Ather Dot video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2YikLz7CFw

In addition, you can check the Dot installation thread for examples of owners installing the Dot in a variety of locations

Thanks Abhishek for providing above links.

Its not Me and You its for All including Ather team. (Road Tax) Please put like on my tweet(above) and add your comments on twitter. Only few days remaining for 2020 and our payment window is not open. Lot of things are pending due to GHMC election (land/house Registrations and others). We need wait till next week.

My Payment window is open, Spoke to Sandeep no luck on 918095555440, waiting on GO updates now

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My payment window is open, i got a call from dealer and they said that loan process is not in place now, @abhishek.balaji can you throw more light on this