Hello Hyderabad

It seems Ather team doesn’t believe in pushing incremental updates to its customers and keep them informed.

They will setup the pricing on their website, finance options, ather connect plans, ather space location and ather grid setup overnight and let you know soon

But why are you worried? We are still 2-3 weeks from the payment gateway opening. That’s a hell lot of time bro. It takes just 3 days to reach moon :full_moon_with_face:

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Still no news about test rides in Hyderabad. Forget Hyderabad, no one has seen full fledged 450x till now and deliveries starting in few weeks.

This doesn’t seem normal to me.

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Hyderabad Ather Grid locations now live on Ather Grid app and Ather app


Good to hear. Can you share a screen shot of Kukatpally/Madhapur areas (west Hyderabad)

These were the only two visible in the app for the entire city and now even those 2 are gone. Must be WIP. But the Jubilee hills one is the “The Moonshine Project” and other one on Abids road is the “Swiss castle Bakery”.


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The fast charger is now functional.

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Yes saw someone Post a photo of the same in the forum

It’s already November 18th, still there is no update on delivery timelines in Hyderabad. Perhaps these are some of the perils of having dealership partners.

@abhishek.balaji when can we expect payment windows.


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I have done the payment for the CE series 1 and the dot charger arrived today and installation will be done tomorrow


If Dot charger installation if complete what is cost you have spend on this setup(installation is free of cost from ather that i know). What is cost of portable charge if we are planning to buy it seperately.

Installation is not free ,it is 1800 + gst and they give 5 meters of Wire included in that any extra wire required will be charged at 150 per meter and the portable charger is somewhere around the 10k region.

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What is your order no

It is 222**

Can anyone share a summary of full payment process? (Till the delivery of vehicle) This will make it easier for others.

I read somewhere Dot charger installation is free… Ather team pls confirm

It is not free , as the installation in my home is done and I have paid for the services.

Thanks for sharing the order no. My order no is 211**, what the hell @abhishek.balaji @tarun you are not following any godammn sequence, very unfortunate that you are not honouring order sequence. I had booked ather 450x with lot of passion even when I am on a business trip to NY on the very first day. Totally disappointed. Thinking of cancelling my order now

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