Hello Hyderabad

Hello Hyderabad,

It’s been some months now since we knew that Hyderabad would be the next city for Ather. Today afternoon, Ather has promised something big and this is supposed to be one of them too. Let’s use this thread to keep a tab on the pulse at Hyderabad


I read on twitter that there is some activity going on near Peddamma Thalli temple in Jubilee Hills.
Can someone post some pics if possible?

You earn the bragging rights :wink:


That is for Revolt showroom. Revolt is opening a showroom near that place as per the pics posted on twitter.


Looking forward to sell out my Enfield and get one of Ather in Hyderabad. :smiley:

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Have been following Ather since last 2 years. Cannot hold this excitement anymore. Yes the one in Jubilee hills is of Revolt. Didn’t spot Ather energy showroom anywhere.


Ather Energy launches 450X. The more intelligent, more smart, and connected vehicle


Didn’t get any Email regarding invite code yet, Even though expressed pre order interest in March 2019. Did someone get it?

You’ll get them in some time :smiley:

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Soon #AtherInHyd #ather-450x trending in Hyderabad

Good to listen the words… Sound cool

Pre-Ordered my 450x. Gave the pin code wrong (Vizag one) instead of Hyd pincode. :man_facepalming:
I wish the filtering for order sequence happens based on the city text and not pincodes. :frowning:

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Here are mine


Any Idea, How long will be the wait time for Hyderabad… I had booked 450X today, not sure, when will i receive it. It will be great if any one can help me with approx price.

Pre-ordered the 450x and hopefully I can get one sitting outside India :grin:.
OT: how challenging is it to be a dealer for Ather in Hyderabad?

Itchy fingers want to type out the location here, but I won’t let it ruin the excitement.:grin:


Pre-order done. Ather 450X and Necklace road, Could there be better combo than this?


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A post was merged into an existing topic: Pre-order Invite Codes

Been waiting for an year in Hyderabad… finally. Cant hold my excitement, let me know where is the showroom and delivery date of vehicle…

Didn’t get any Email regarding invite code yet, Expressed pre order interest.

I have pre ordered yesterday and I haven’t received an Email with the Invite codes as part of Collector’s edition benefits.