Headlight & lock controls

This will be very usefull tol headlight off with kill switch.


If anybody open lock and switch on the vehicle using duplicate keys. This can be cconteol if a second lock is available in Ather mobile app to enable or disable the scooter power.

But for that the Original Key requires a Chip where the scooter can sense it.

No, I mean with simple keys they can provide this feature of password lock" If we park for a long time then we can enable the lock from mobile app, That time somebody opened the scooter by any key or any other method then dashboard will ask password for opening if we enabled through mobile".

Can this is possible with software.

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i think this feature is available in Ola i guess Password for Dashboard or something like that

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For now their current features are not working properly, imagine adding more things will mess up everything. imagine Incognito mode can be accessed by anyone and cant be tracked on their app, also Locate my scooter is also not working properly. Anti theft is also not working properly. So best is if Ather can provide a 3rd party tracking device which can Immobilize the scooter also if someone steals it. i am using a tracker for my car from last 7 years and it shows real time location with Immobilize and it costed me 5k for 5 years.