Ground clearance is very low

according to my experience ,the ground clearance watever ur providing is too low ,u know how big our speed breakers are,upon that every now and then road works will going on here in bangalore because of which my vehicle is getting damaged …please think of it

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I am riding Ather for over 1 year now and not even once I have come across a situation that made me feel the GC is low.

By the way, I have traveled pretty much all across Bangalore.

Same here, actually. Never had the problem of the speed breaker hitting the underside of Ather.

@razasha: Just out of curiosity, where in Bengaluru have you faced this issue? Probably I haven’t till date ridden in that area I guess, so curious :slight_smile:

i think u havent travelled in bumpy roads…plz try travelling once

Yes, I guess that is possible. The routes I normally take are well-paved and haven’t till date taken Ather on spoilt roads, so probably never realized this problem.

begur road ,arkere, jp nagar 5th phase etc…all dis areas are under road construction so whenever i take my vehicle out i am facing this…because of which i have to take my bike instead of ather,

from past 1 year, i have taken the 450 out on many offroading trails, took it through many jumps too, i never felt it bottoming out, although i have broken few suspension fork seals(pretty common), i have always appreciated the GC of the scooter, many professionals too feel the same

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