Government asks Electric vehicle makers to halt two-wheeler launches

Finally some action is taken with respect to all the EV fire accident incidents that sadly took some lives too!

The Government today has asked electric two-wheeler manufacturers not to launch new vehicles till instances of fire are investigated. As per reports this was communicated to manufacturers at a meeting today called by MoRTH to discuss the rise in incidents of fire in electric two-wheelers.

A good and proactive step from the Government I would say. Rather than people further losing confidence in EVs it is better to halt for some days and let manufacturers find a solution.


But now the rumored Ather Long range model (if at all it was a reality) will have to wait.


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I don’t know whether I should cry or see other brands, but the News article does say that the manufacturer who did not have an incident yet, be cautious, so Maybe? Maybe?


Either way Ather will take time for releasing upcoming models. Rumour says 1 model above 450X with longer range and another one below 450+ without connected features or touchscreen. Hopefully they do price it competitively.


I think now this Topic can be retracted.