Going on Vacation, How long will the battery at 100% SOC last if we shutdown a 450x?

I will be going on vacation, I intend to charge my Ather 450X to 100% SOC and then shutdown the vehicle. How long can the vehicle be kept under such condition before we have to charge it again?


Depends on the weather condition…It’s not completely predictable like that!!!

The vehicle will be in closed parking. And I don’t think the weather/temperature is going to vary to much this time of the year


i don’t have an exact number in mind, but it should be good for a month or two atleast!

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Here is what I see in the vehicle manual

CAUTION Charge your scooter every 100 days. It’s a must, even if the scooter is in Shutdown Mode, to avoid permanent damage to the Battery pack.

So charging has to be done at least once in 3 months.

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wrong information, unlike lead acid batteries, lithium batteries are more forgiving in terms of storage and hence can be stored at 60 % of the charge for a prolonged period on shutdown. But still, Batteries are batteries, they should be maintained at 20~80% at all times.

PS: They are limiting warranty claims

Ather Batter Protect covers this scenario:

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for those who have battery protection, yes. But gen 2 and gen 3 owners who did not buy/got the battery protection should stick to the manual.

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It’s mentioned as not to give partial acceleration in slopes…Then what does AutoHold do??..It holds the vehicle by giving some load to the motor. Ather things :slightly_smiling_face:…

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No idea, initially i thought they put regen in full to activate the braking effect.

But now i think since this is permanent magentic motor, they are powering the coils to opposite polarity to lock into position.

I hope they give us some insights @atherteam

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When a rider gives partial acceleration on a slope or slant to hold the scooter in place, it puts an additional load on the electric motor. This load can cause the motor to work harder and draw more power from the battery, which can reduce the range of the scooter. Moreover, if the load is too high, it can cause the motor to overheat, reduce its lifespan, and potentially cause damage to other components of the scooter.

On the other hand, the load applied by the AutoHold system is designed to be minimal and is well within the capacity of the motor and other components of the scooter. The load is applied by engaging the brakes and applying a small amount of force to the wheels, which helps to hold the scooter in place on slopes or inclines without any additional acceleration or load on the motor.

In summary, while both partial acceleration and AutoHold give a load to the motor, partial acceleration can cause the motor to work harder and draw more power from the battery, which can reduce the range of the scooter and potentially cause damage to the motor and other components of the scooter. The load applied by the AutoHold system, on the other hand, is designed to be minimal and is well within the capacity of the motor and other components of the scooter.

if that’s the case shouldn’t you be able to move the scooter forward? because the motor is pulling a load? don’t think this is the case in this, if it was the previous gens like gen2 and lower would have also gotten the auto-hold.


Hmmm…Not yet clear, if partial acceleration can damage the motor, then autohold engaged with 2 persons on a hill can similarly damage the motor right?..And moreover the acceleration is killed when the motor is subjected to stress,whereas Autohold holds the vehicle till we need it…So AutoHold has greater neagtive impact than partial acceleration…

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The AutoHold feature is a complex system that involves sensors, controllers, and software that work together to detect slopes or inclines and engage the brakes to hold the scooter in place. Adding this feature to an older Ather 450X model would require the installation of new sensors and controllers, as well as changes to the software that controls the scooter’s braking system.

The AutoHold feature also engages the scooter’s braking system, not just the motor.

I think auto hold works by locking the motor so that the vehicle behaves as if the brakes are engaged.


Is the brakes in our scooter electronic or mechanical? it works even when the vehicle is shutdown.

The Ather 450X electric scooter uses a combined braking system that includes both electronic and mechanical components. The front brake of the scooter is a hydraulic disc brake, which is a mechanical braking system. The rear brake, on the other hand, is an electronic regenerative brake.

umm, Sir, you need to pull the scooter part by part, like me.


It’s not partial acceleration, that would make it move sometime, and it would be scary,

just mechanical no electronics.

please for the love of god, the motor is the generator for the regeneration of kinetic energy into electricity. not the left-hand brake. both brakes when pressed will do the regeneration. as the controller takes over.

PS: go through the Forum before posting false information. It has been widely discussed.

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I apologize for the confusion :frowning: