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The Charge

Have checked multiple ports in the premises and it appeared the electrician didn’t do a good job… the is no ground wire i can notice from switch board…

so started searching for charging from there on with my range l left is 2km…

once i checked with couple of people the battery is dead and i started pushing the vehicle now…

few people rejected to offer charge though i offered them money…

few are not sure and worried if the vehicle consumes lot of electricity…i had to explain them in detail for about 20min and they agree with explanation and let me charge but there won’t be grounding…

i visited hotels, roadside mechanics, businesses, showrooms, garages, sub-station and even police station…

but every where same issue

by the time i checked all these it was 3hr loss and my body entered dehydration mode and sweat started forming as salt on my shirt…(white layer)

so have decided to take some rest, headed to @slvecomotors palaner where i started…

when i almost there i saw a ice cream parlor on the other side of the road which have big refrigerators and building is comparatively new (may be a year old) which had good electric system atleast for the appearance…

so was sure this might have grounding…

went and asked for charging…

the guy got confused initially and thought it was for mobile and asked which port is it

i responded this is for my bike

he was taken back and again i can see the same worry on his face though wanted to help

when again i explained he allowed me to charge…

this time without setting up my extension setup i carried the charger alone to the port and checked

hurrayyy… finally success… light is green

charging started…

i parked it on the side of the building in the shade and started charging

sat there for 3 hrs

had lunch (have carried curd and rice with me)

bought some fruits and tried my best to take care of the body now…

there were so many kids coming to parlor and while returning they find my bike interesting and they start fiddling with the dash and front panels

one kid literally about to sit on front mud guard
i was on call and luckily i observed and almost jumped and stopped him…

couldn’t take rest because of this…

had to put my jacket to cover dashboard to avoid unnecessary attention…

but there is lot of genuine interest from families and youth around who enquired a lot

but being a rural area cost took them back and few realized they wouldn’t require smart features Ather is offering like dashboard and app features as they wouldn’t be interested…

so, @Ather.Team team can think of avoiding smartness from the bike in view to achieve lowering the cost for rural areas where adaption rate will be much higher if we can adjust the price to other brands level like jupiter…

please consider above and am sure it make sense to rural as they have point to point commute al the days most of the time…

so lesson learnt is please consider asking for help only if the building or the electric system is not too old

it is just waste of effort

finally charged till 90% and headed towards @slvecomotors chittor…

to be continued…


YOUR, TO B CONTINUED give us same feeling wen we used to eagerly wait for BAHUBALI - 2 :v:t2::crazy_face:


The Diversion

Have started from Palamner may be in the evening around 4.30 and headed towards @slvecomotors Chittoor

When I am about to reach (my be in an hour) Chittoor I ringed Paramesh and he advised he had to attend urgent service call (electric bike was stranded due to some unknown issue in bangarupalem) which he is not sure of the issue yet and so he was not able to give me a time line and so he advised he might not be available by the time I reach Chittoor… so have paused there for a minute and have decided to change the route (as I was left with some 40km mileage wanted to go into populated area and find charge)

So have got into a route where I was able to see some buildings on Map

Have been passing through villages but was not confident with the buildings condition I notice and most of them don’t even have 5A plug which I was not expecting

I saw a government water plant so went in and didn’t see any human there – not sure how it is functioning and also no plug which is evident.

I saw a carpenter shop and asked for help and he said he is done for the day and will close soon…

Also asked help in some hotels, petrol pumps etc which were not interested to help – though few are there is no Grounding for the premises…. So now I got an idea it is not so easy charging a electric vehicle but at the same time it is not impossible.

While all this is happening one guy took a photoshoot of the bike (he was heading to Tirupathi in a car) with his small iphone and he advised that someone from Ather visited his engineering college some time back and given some seminar…

Now I have some 12km range left and I was about 20 km far from national highway 140 – but this time have passed at least 8-10 villages already but was not successful in charging the bike.

It was almost dark and I saw a welding shop which is on the side of the road between some houses – had some hope until have plugged my charger and it gracefully rejected by showing red light…… by this time I got used to it and was not surprised.

There is a relatively new house where I can see there are some 5A plugs in lobby area but was too hesitant and so didn’t bother them and continued for a Km and then got a thought on mind that what if it has proper grounding and this doubt remains in brain if am not able to find charger going further – so have returned back and found aged women (about 60+) doing some household job (sorting tamarind) – requested her and gave her disclaimer (it wont take much electricity but will take long time) as well – she didn’t quite get it and said yes hesitantly – so have first checked if my charger approves the plug without getting vehicle into the home.

Hurray green light now….

Got my vehicle in and started charging….

After 15min elderly lady looked at me and said its been long time now check if it is done else your bike will go bad due to excess current!!

So, have responded saying this will take 2hrs to reach 80% but ill require only 1hr charge to reach highway – she was taken back and mood changed on her head…

Every 5 min she started looking at me and I can see some worry on her face---- so have asked her to clarify if the issue is with me (a stranger) standing at her place or it is about electricity consumption…

She clarified saying it is electricity bill concerning her, as it is born by his son who stays away and she doesn’t want to be questioned – this is kind of some human trauma which I cannot convince on that as am sure enough that she didn’t understand what I have explained her – obviously this was technical – so I didn’t want to bother her more and so have started from there – before I get more trouble to her – I offered money which she rejected and she offered some tea which I didn’t have a habit of so thanked her and started towards highway 140 with low speeds – now it complete dark.

By the time I hit highway I was some 30km away and I was left with some 8Km charge – I saw a EENADU office with lot of parking space – I went to security and asked if there is any 5A socket in the parking space in the parking lot – he replied yes – but he said I need to take permission of supervisor – so I got hold of him and this guy don’t even know how to speak to a person with respect.

This guy just to avoid me he kept on lying about things which is unnecessary instead he must have said no but none of them made logical sense and are silly so have countered him and finally when he is stuck he said he need to take permission of manager and manger left office…. So I decided not to drag things as there is a clear resistance and not willing to help at all – also I ack that this is unnecessary and is no business he will be interested in.

So headed further – I found a HP petrol pump so gave a try and service guy t petrol pump agreed without any questions and let me find a suitable plug in the place (a water purifier is not working but the plug is)

Been there for about 1.5hr to 2hr and got a range of 40+Km and headed towards Tirupathi now

To be continued



I am sure a day will come when charging will not take more than few seconds. 10 years later if I read this thread I will feel I have witnessed a piece of history. Railway coaches didn’t have toilets for a long time. EVs don’t have fast charging now. But this is 21st century!


The Goal

Finally around 10.30pm have reached Tirupathi

I was exhausted and so didn’t bother to open OYO app instead I stopped at first hotel I see in the way on the side of the road and have checked in and refreshed quickly and had some food and took some rest.

Got up at 2am and started preparation to go to Tirumala via steps (Walk up the hill)

So reached the Alipiri starting point of line and started climbing (BTW this is the first time I am going through steps and second time to Tirupati in my life) – I had to say I enjoyed every moment of climb through out – the tress were just awesome – not that they are huge but they are growing by themselves without someone disturbing and new leaflets just started finding their way into the outer world for few tress which was very awesome.

Got to see some deer and also happen to touch them for the first time in life and I had to say am more scared than them to touch – they were very used to it and are cool, there is very large group there – very happy to see those in not so wild space though.

By the time I got up there I got the slot of 5pm that evening so I have plenty of time so have decided to walk some time in Tirumala around temple and I quickly realized checkout time is nearing – as there is no provision to charge my scooter didn’t want to continue in that hotel – so have found one which is service apartment which have 5A plug near the reception and with my extension chord was able to reach outside so that I can charge the vehicle – only when I was sure everything is perfect I paid the money.

Started charging now and went to be for 1hr and then got ready for ride to Tirumala in the evening around 4pm…

I enjoyed every bit of ghat doing 70+ behaving like a rouge which I am good at (also I won’t trouble others) – last time when I posted such videos people are worried about I and others safety on the road so decided not to record.

but took small clips akong with this pic

I was in the Q exactly at 5pm and had dharshan at 10.30pm and came out of temple at 11pm (enjoyed some time in temple just by staying there absorbing the ambiance and heritage which is more precious than we think)

Now when I came out I realised the start and stop points are different and now real challenge is to find the start point – for a person like me without maps it will take little while to adjust the directions which I figured out that it is too long and have decided to walk to the area where Flight is parked.

By the time I reached the hanger it is 11.45 and by the time I reached the chekpost on the top it is 11.55 where I have been advised 2 wheelers are not allowed in the ghat road after 11pm and will allow only after 4am which was a surprise to me.

There is only 10km left in my flight, though I didn’t require much to go downhill didn’t want to lose out time in charging when there is light in the morning, also have to return to work (remember no leave)

So decided to find charge around Tirumala which I learnt is next to impossible, so have decided to take some rest – again parked the flight and found some place and took some rest until 4.30am and started return to hotel – where I put it for charge and had some sleep finally.

Now around 9am had some charge so decided to make a video of climb so started climb again where I behaved well on video.

Also recorded down hill

Gained 2km range by the time I reached down – interestingly it took more time than climb as we cannot accelerate.

Now checkout time…

To be continued




Now time to return

I don’t have to search for charging points as I decided to go to same places where I have charged while coming towards Tirupati

Once I checkout on Sunday at around 12pm have stayed there for an hour more to charge vehicle so that I can reach next stop (HP petrol pump)

Immediately when I hit the highway 140 I saw a tractor carrying Dry Rice Grass, as it is too hot outside have took shade by following it on left corner and travelled for about 10km @ 35km/hr which I was pretty relaxed

Later when reached petrol pump – no resistance again he immediately agreed to allow me to charge which was nice –

Stayed there for about an hour and have got a call from Paramesh @slvecomotors chittoor, enquiring where am I – advised him that I will be there around 4.30pm in the evening.

Was excited to meet him in person – when I did meet him at his place started charging while I was speaking to him….

I should mention this

There is tone of knowledge and passion for EV’s and was able to convince lot of people in rural and was able to manage some market (obviously there is lot more potential)

I was informed he got in touch with all the start-up’s and companies like Ather (obviously), Ampere, Ultraviolette, Tork (tork even agreed to provide dealership if he get some bookings which he did already – but plans from tork aren’t clear yet) 22motors e.t.c and were in talks with many other organisations which are in similar market (may be not direct) like charging infra, solar etc.

He’s got lot of knowledge about EV’s and associated tech and trying his best to push the adaption in commercial way and strongly believe this will happen and it is just that we need to wait for that tipping point and efforts will payoff then – but the question is how financially strong can be to manage till then –

Also he discussed about the customer views and expectation which no different with crowd here…

But also have suggested that if Ather is able to reduce the price by eliminating smart tech still it be a best competitor (E.g. Remove dashboard and provide minimum info like speed and battery)

Also he have another idea where if Ather or any other manufacturer with similar specs can plan 2 set of production with and without smart features and also he suggested they can provide option to hook customer mobile physically to the bike to get the stats without having any cloud stuff to eliminate recurring cost

There are many other thoughts which we have discussed – as Paramesh is in the Business he counter customers every day with different views and experiences which evolved into ideas in his head now.

Now he currently looking to put up come charging solution (public point in gov offices) if possible both in palamner and chittoor so that his customers can travel seamlessly between these places also people from Bangalore can travel there more often – surprised to know he’s got customers from Bangalore as well (students from chittoor who are staying in Bangalore – their parents buy EV from him and transport it to Bangalore – he advised few did that – but now he stopped doing it and started referring Ather from the time Ather opened booking)

Did discuss lot more regarding how difficult to get a bus from Bangalore during festive season to reach chittoor – so he advised that if we (gov) are able to put some charges between more people adapt EV’s as they will discover fun with EV when needed.

May be @Ather.Team can help Paramesh on this (I was told that he got in touch with you in regards to support on charging point aswell)

I know above is a lot but Paramesh @slvecomotors has much more exp and thoughts to share – may be scenarios he came across

Later came to the same ice-cream parlour in Palamner at 9pm and started charging until 11pm (that is their closing time) – have offered money but they haven’t accepted it so have bought a Badam milk Lot and started from there – reached Kolar around 2am and took some rest there.

By the time I wakeup it is 5.30 so have started and reached home around 7.30 – did refresh and back to work





Location: https://goo.gl/maps/bZ7Svy1v2XE2

Elevation: 892 m

First hop - Kolar

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/5PrmfjWPB7L2

Elevation: 845 m

Second Hop: Palamaner


Elevation: 676 m

Third hop: Chittoor


Elevation: 326 m

Last one: Tirupathi


Elevation: 153 m


Destination: Tirumala


Elevation: 774 m

*above is planned route - but there are changes while going due to unavailability of 5A plugs

time taken approx

  • 20hrs while going as time was lost to find the charge
  • 14hrs while returning as I know where to stop

What next

Coming soon…



Absolute Truth! EVs arrived very late. They could have come earlier had it not been for the crony capitalism globally.

Watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ru89x1jmpq4

Watch the documentary called 'Who Killed the Electric Car" if you can find it somewhere. The only place I saw it was on US amazon.com website.


I am completely bowled over by your Passion and Grit to push your EV (and yourself) to the limits to really show what Evs are capable of. I think you are one of the few EV Torchbearers in India. I am really proud of you, Abhishek. I have deep respect for what you are doing.

I may not be here for an year or so as I am currently completely engrossed with some series of important exams, but I eagerly look forward to work with you in the near future, and see how we can contribute to the promotion of Sustainable Transportation and Sustainable Energy fields.


Hi how are you

good to see you on the forum after long time

thanks for those words and i believe all EV owners have the same passion

am just too excited to have one…

love to meet and work with you



hello Ather gang

so it is another weekend and there should be another trip


now at jack fruit charger

last stop to charge in Bangalore

the game changer. msr



Got first charging point

seems Hindustan Petrol pump is lucky to allow my bike to charge again

cheers for the manager Raju


found next one

this one was hard

wasn’t so sure looking at the plug condition and building appears aged

so thought earthing wouldn’t be there

but didn’t want to miss… just in case as… there is only 6km range left

so took chance and tested lucky again


Hey… What is your wh usage during the trip??

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You are crazy dude!. But seriously, this is amazing. I am in awe of your planning skills!


between 25 to 32 Wh/km


Bro Y dont u use backpack bags… Lots of verity @decathlon :v:t2:

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