Getting below average range for my new ather 450x

I got a new ather 450x barely a week back and have issues related to range

I’m not getting the promised 85 km range on eco mode and have only achieved it 2-3 times

As you can see in once pic Efficiency is 120+ I don’t even know how is that possible , I was also going downhill for the most part I travelled 17ish km tonight and have burner 24 km of range in total , I used 80% eco and 20% ride mode and maybe a few seconds on sports mode

Is anyone else also facing similar issues?


The ride stats you’ve shared don’t look like an error as far as I can see. On the dashboard trip meter, will get that checked if it’s a known bug, but in any case, do report the 127.5 Wh/km as an issue through the app, so we’re able to check if it’s indeed an issue.

I’d suggest riding around for a bit longer to get used to the vehicle, especially in a single mode. That’ll give you a better idea of how your riding pattern affects range. Also, recommend reading this blog post for more insights on how your range is calculated and what you can do to improve the range you get.

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sir do 450/450X carries regenerating brakes?if it does kindly guide us how to utilize that term

Here you go

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