๐ŸŽ‰ Get all Ather Connect Pro features for free, until 15 May 2022

Ather Connect is free for all existing and new Ather owners till 15 May โ€˜22

Happy Diwali!

At Ather, we believe that a connected commute is the future. In fact itโ€™s now smart to consider electric vehicles over ICE alternatives, thanks to high performance products, Govt. incentives and growing consumer acceptance to shift to newer and better technologies.

On the other hand, the full power of connectivity and smart features is yet to be realized. Though today it starts with offerings like onboard navigation, OTA updates, mobile app connectivity, remote diagnostics and so on, the potential is immense. Unlike the tangible experience of riding an electric transmission, it really takes time and proof to see the value add that connectivity brings to your ride experience.

As we expand across the country and welcome more owners to the community, we definitely want everyone to experience what it feels like to ride and own a connected & intelligent scooter. And get a hang of the possibilities that lie in the near future. We donโ€™t want the cost of a subscription pack to come in the way of the connected experience. With this intent we are opening a 6 month, free-of-cost window on the Ather Connect services.

Starting 15 Nov โ€˜21 till 15 May โ€˜22 all features of the Ather Connect Pro subscription pack will temporarily be available to all existing and new owners of the Ather 450X, 450 Plus, and 450 free of cost. If you have an active Connect Lite/Pro subscription, weโ€™ll reimburse the amount on a pro-rata basis as Ather credit. The reimbursement mechanisms will take a couple of weeks to operationalize, and weโ€™ll notify you when we start the process. For those not subscribed currently, youโ€™ll start seeing all Connect Pro features starting 15 Nov โ€˜21 till 15 May โ€˜22.


Hey folks,

As communicated earlier, starting today (15 November โ€˜21) connected services will be free till 15 May โ€˜22. This is being rolled out to all scooters on road in batches and should be completed by end of day today.

  1. If you donโ€™t have a Connect Lite/Pro subscription, starting today, youโ€™ll be able to access all connected services on your dashboard and the app, at no extra cost. See below for the features youโ€™d be able to use.
  2. If you have an existing Connect Lite/Pro subscription or youโ€™ve taken an Ather scooter on a lease that bundles an Ather Connect plan, weโ€™ll be adding credits to your account for the remainder of your subscription duration.


  1. For those with an existing subscription, your credits would be pro-rated from 15 Nov 21, till the remainder of your plan. These credits can be used for subscribing/activating your Ather Service plans. The credits donโ€™t have an expiry date and are non-transferable.
  2. The credits would be added to your account over the next couple of weeks. You can check the existing credits and use them, by heading to this link: Ather
  3. The duration of free connected services would be from 15 November โ€˜21, till 15 May โ€˜22.

Features you can now access:

1. Navigate using Google Maps on the vehicle dashboard.

  • Set location for the destination and start riding.
  • Set favorite locations
  • Find nearest available fast-charging stations on the map
  • Search location on Ather mobile app and push to your dashboard remotely.
  • Push location to scooter through the app

2. Get over-the-air (OTA) updates

Improvements, enhancements, and new features via OTA update.

3. Detect theft and tow

If your scooter is shaken or moved you will get an alert on the app.

4. Track your scooter on the app:

Track your vehicleโ€™s location from your app, all the time.

5. Access trip reports after every ride:

Check your top speed, your riding efficiency, and predicted range personalized to your riding style and roads, plan your rides better.

6. Upload documents

Keep your documents handy on your dashboard, if you are stopped by the traffic officers on the road. Upload license, RC, and insurance documents on your vehicle dashboard from the app.

7. Monitor vehicle charge status on the app:

Check the vehicleโ€™s charge status in real-time from your app all the time. Get notified when charging is done.

8. Ather Labs

Help shape the future of a connected ride, by being involved in developing new features early. Access features such as Savings tracker, and the upcoming Trip Planner, along with more features coming into Ather Labs.


Please, guide me as to how I can activate this. I only have a service lite plan active currently.

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It is active for all. There is nothing to do to activate it. If you are able to use maps, get ride stats on phone, etc, it is working.


Any update on the Credits?


Itโ€™s already credited for most of them. Check under referral on desktop website.


I have not yet received. Check with some other owner near to me. Same feedback


Talk to CS and raise a complaint

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Are you going to extend Ather connect pro features for March buyers ?


I havenโ€™t got features activated so far.[quote=โ€œpiyush.sushil, post:11, topic:29897, full:trueโ€] I havenโ€™t got features activated so far. [/quote]



Hello there ! Facing an issue with the Ather app that isnโ€™t responding with my owned Ather 450x details of scooty are no more ne ng synced right now but a week earlier after my purchase done on 18th March it was all ok and even the info were sent to the app but now its all vanished, no synchronisation is happening, I need this before the free subscription ends. Please refer to the attached image and help!

Check my tweet: https://t.co/A8S2dGaAmf

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How do I renew the subscription plan?

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You donโ€™t need to. Itโ€™s been extended till December 31st.


Thank you so much for your update appreciate your help.


I renewed my Connect Pro on 2nd May. Tried raising a ticket from the app, but the not-so-intelligent bot asks me to go on app.atherenergy.com to check my status. My query is about credits for the payment made on 2nd May.


Can we get a refund for a paid subscription?


Yes, you can get it.


Hey Shishir, Write an email to info@atherenergy.com our team will look into this.

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