Georgekuruppan's Review of the Ather 450

Hi Guys, I think its time to share my ownership experience with Ather after 18 days and 770kms of riding.

Pre-Order Interest : 17th March 2018 Pre-Order(ID #2248) : 9th July 2018 Delivery Date(KA51HG2343) : 12th March 2019 Home Charger Installation : 25th March 2019

Performance : Day one itself i tried the limits.

  1. Top Speed : 92km/h
  2. Projected Range : Max 104km (self calculated based on odo and battery%)
  3. Achieved Range : 70km (With economic driving, except 2-3 mins for 90km/h, and couple of hard accelerations)
  4. Acceleration : :heart_eyes: (did the acceleration reduced a bit after the OTA :thinking:)
  5. Braking: Awesome (ABS is not a must, but braking very hard it shrilled once :neutral_face:)
  6. Balance and Handling: Low CG helps a lot, dynamics more than you can expect from a scooter.
  7. Fast Charging: 1km/min till 80% of battery charge.
  8. Regen: At speed of 20-40kmph its working well for calculated braking. Dont relay on it for sudden braking. So this is how i am using it…while driving at 40+ apply brakes to bring to 40 then apply regen till 20 and then back to brakes to stop the vehicle. Once i could even see range went 1km up while applying regen :grinning:
  9. Connectivity: Not so great, mostly low or no signal in the middle of the city.


  1. Looks: Stunning :star_struck:
  2. Suspension: I felt its soft at the front and stiff at the back Its perfectly designed for city, good at sudden potholes and helps in the acceleration…but not great on short humps and riding at more than 70kmph on highways -while riding over the reflector tile its vibrating the handle such a way that my fingers are hitting the brake lever. Basically i felt its designed for city.
  3. Mirrors: Was difficult to understand the adjustment for few days, but now used to it and its very functional.
  4. Head light: Bright enough, no complaints.
  5. Stand: Heard many complaining on the stand, but i liked it…neatly designed and enough angled. Only problem is in parking people are sitting on the scooter, i am concerned how much it can handle that weight. But missing brake lock is an issue while parking in slopes.
  6. Boot Space: Simply loved it. Spacious and well lite, nothing more i can ask.
  7. Seat: Its soft, comfy…but there is a big concern form my side. There is a sweet spot and its comfortable, perfect. But the moment i want to sit little back after few kms of ride, the gradient given is bringing me back to the old position. Really wish i could find a second sweet spot, but its missing. For the pinion rider its comfortable, no issues.
  8. Foot rest and Back grab Handle: All fine
  9. Saree Guard: i removed it :smile:

@Ather.Team please do some marketing or pay us…tired of explaining it to everyone on the road :sweat: :wink:

Definitely this vehicle is a future in your hands…Loved it :kissing_heart:


@abhishek.balaji how are you planning to resolve issues of parking on the slopes?