General services scheduled too long

@abhishek.balaji @tarun the general service schedule for 5000 kms once seems to be too long. I had a front caliper locking issue few days back. It got serviced in cbe service center. After the service, while I drive I could feel some difference in driving. Efficiency also seems to be low. When I queried he said they have tuned belt tension. I could feel lots of difference like, my throttling speed goes to the wheel directly, good regeneration, nice pulling and better efficiency. Before the service I had less pulling so I had around 34km/wh after I had around 30kms/wh. So can please look into these issues. For me 25kms a days will take close to 6 months for 5000, for a person with 10kms a day . Imagine? Find a ideal time to get rectified these issue and reschedule the general service timeline