First Test Ride Impressions Ather 450X

It was really a disappointing experience today for me seriously, @Ather.Team what have you guys done ! Damn now my 450 feels so slow after test riding the 450X. Wow what a machine iam fully impressed. 450X having the same form factor of the 450 but has so much more power now. No wonder the warp mode :zap:gets this symbol. The acceleration from 0-20km & the roll-on acceleration from 20-60km is mind boggling. Also had a drag race between 450X & 450 trust me the 450X was light years ahead. The 450X scooter is so nimble and flickable i just cant believe my eyes. I have been riding the 450 for almost 10 months now and this test ride of 450X brings a much bigger smile on my face. There was green and grey colour variant for the test rides and somehow i liked the green, It had sharp features and distinct looks.

Special thanks to @abhishek.balaji for making all the arrangements for the test rides to happen in Chennai especially on Ganesh Chaturthi, It was a real surprise.

I can’t believe this is happening and the deliveries of the 450X is not far away. Looking forward to pickup the collector’s edition and iam sure the designers in the ather team would have come up with some great design.

Only Ather can beat Ather & Only a 450X can replace a 450.


How’s the braking going with this speed/acc? All good? Anything to lookout for?

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Brakes are by Brembo, they are best in class and are known for their shortest stopping distance. They are sharp and gives very good confidence.

We saw MRF’s on the test drive vehicles, When the delivery starts there will be an option to select performance tyres which will be even more better.


Were the mrf tyres similar to that of 450 stock tyres?

Yes it was the same 90/90 - 12 Inches.

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