Felt like 450s are left all alonešŸ„²

Since the launch of 450xā€¦ 450 users have no importance at all ā€¦ no software updatesā€¦ No accessoriesā€¦ Nothingā€¦ For the early adopters nothing we get ā€¦ Feel a little disappointedā€¦ even in Ather labs most of the features are limited to 450x and pluseā€¦ i get it many are hardware related still theme option or option for turn sound reverse sound ignition sound could do for us @all @abhishek.balaji if you could do something for the 450s could keep us cheered a bitā€¦ Hope u would consider this kind request :face_with_head_bandage::face_with_head_bandage::hocho::hocho:


Thereā€™s one update coming in the next few weeks with SmartEco :smile:


OkšŸ‘ what about Network Issue and Tyre Pressure Issue cases, can we expect any updates soon @abhishek.balaji @tarun


How about the theme and option for sound indicationā€‹:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


If you ask me, itā€™s better that way. With lots and lots of Gen 2 and 3 errors every day with bugs too. The 450 has never disappointed me, though the 450 is left out, itā€™s for the greater good.


Ather like a mobile if you want new features go for new G3 iPhone hahaha


I get that you are constantly blaming the company for mistakenly buying a 450 plus model and the features you thought will be available for both are not in yours. but posting sarcastic comments will not solve the problem.


But people know about this what happened to old coustomers company left them alone

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@abhishek.balaji when will we get the update on 450. Also my vehicle range is drowning drasticallyā€¦ had raised issue in previous service and nothing is done in this regard

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Hi how did you know about the drop in range because I feel just drop of 2kms.

Everytime when we charge the vehicle it shows 65km for example in ride mode it is giving a max of 40 km on average even when the wh/km is less than 40. Also mine is a 4 year old vehicle and cells in the battery were replaced under warranty a year and half back and was promised that new cells were replaced

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When will get the update sir nothing was given to 450 scooters since a year.


maybe in Jan a beta testers will be given a update. only after that other users will get an update, but I have a Doubt, What will happen if Scooter gets bricked after the update? Most of the 450s are now out of warranty, how are they going to keep this a minimum liability.


Even Jan is over and no beta testers, I highly doubt 450 will get any update, as they are currently focusing on 450 to 450x upgrade plan.


Thatā€™s a sad part.

Upgrade may be attractive for many given the exchange value. But still it wonā€™t be more than 10-20% of 450 OG who will be upgrading within 2 years.

Updates which are not much depending on hardware - Ather should push it.

Charging threshold is one such example.

Hoped for this on Community Day. Letā€™s see.