Feature in app for Electricity consumption

In the app, can we have feature of electricity consumption, the owner would able to know how much electricity units have been consumed for every charging and per month. Also at fast charging station, we would like to know how much electricity has been consumed. Please it’s a humble request to add this feature. Thanks

A must have feature I would say


Yes a must have feature.


Yes… definately a must have feature… I really wonder at Ather’s s/w developmen team why they have such self initiating ideas for such tech savy scooter…!

Yes must have

Required This feature would be very helpful

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10 votes in few hours :clap: :clap:

Yes. Its a must have feature. Would help to split the bill between my roommates fair and square.


Also I would like to have pop up notifications on app whenver power supply is connected or disconnected. So this will help us to know that if someone switch offs by mistake or intentionally


Hi Ather team, Any update on the same?

Priority right now is to stabilize the app and dashboard, squashing as many bugs as possible, this will be considered when the team is planning for future releases. Will share an update if this is picked up. Until then, it’d be useful for folks to share how and why they’d find this useful, so it can be prioritized accordingly.


Totally agree with you, Thanks for the Update

Correct… This is a must have feature

If it is possible to have such feature it will be handy for those who use portable charger and wanna charge at any public charging point (3pin socket at any new place). It would help them to convince the owner of the property to assess the units consumed and pay them accordingly. :slightly_smiling_face:


Correct this is one of the major use cases. Many of us who are willing to plan a weekend get away this helps pretty much.

One more use case is that since the grid is only free till march 2021 (as of now), It will be helpful for owners to know how much electricity we have used. Not just ather grid but this helps in checking in any other EV stations to charge the vehicle if a plug point is available.


Must have feature, also helps us to calculate driving expenses for the month accurately.

Good to have the details of electricity consumed per charge and monthly.