FAQs Go Live!

Hey Everyone!

The FAQs have been deployed on the forum today! This comes in after a long wait, but now they will be helpful to new users as the community expands.

Building the FAQs section was a combined effort of everyone as the answers were sourced from all the posts there are on the forum. Also, @raghav.srinivasan, @chethan.bn, @prasathvishnu and @hemanth.anand have been extremely helpful in tagging the posts.

Special mention to @rajeshkav who managed the entire structuring, development and deployment from Day 1.

A few important points about the FAQs:

  1. Searching for FAQs is much easier than searching for posts unlike earlier where some posts wouldn’t show up in search.
  2. FAQs have been community sourced and may have pieces of information which may change over time.
  3. FAQs will keep growing. If you come across question you think should go into the FAQ section, please flag them for review(and we will add them to the list of FAQs).

And, if you still come across a question that is already in the FAQs, you now know where to direct the asker :slight_smile:

Where can you access the FAQs?


I read through all the questions this will be most detailed FAQs section

Great initiative @rajeshkav sir… :clap:

This section answers all the questions about the vehicle…