Fan motor starting and stopping frequently

Hello Team Ather, I am using Ather 450 from last 8 months. Till last week the motor fan used to start only after I ride for 30+ minutes. I understand that the motor will heat up over time and the fan has started to cool it down. But from yesterday the motor starts just after the vehicle starts moving. It stops when I reduce the throttle and again starts when vehicle starts moving. I am thinking something might have gone wrong here like below

  1. The temperature sensor has gone bad and due to random readings fan starts and stops
  2. The fan controller is misbehaving
  3. Some sort of loose connection

There is no problem with the scooter hence it is not a critical issue. I thought of bringing it to your notice if any such issues were identified earlier.

Thanks and Regards Narender

@narenderr. Please call support and log a ticket for this issue. The forum is not an official channel for support requests and hence may not get the right visibility.