Falsified advertisement from Ather

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Ather has been an innovative company and their product has been very futuristic. People have been very crazy about the product and its functionality. Really a proud Owner of the futuristic product.

However, there has been a lot of advertisements with the below-mentioned details:

  1. Never take your phone out when you ride:

Bluetooth Option is still not active. OTA Updates are unsuccessful. Smart Helmets are yet to launched.

  1. One app for everything Ather. Connect to the scooter, charger and the cloud to access information & features remotely:

App does not sync well. Unable to update documents. ODO reading is not correct/unreliable. Dashboard touch navigation issues. The map takes a lot of time to show directions. Dashboard turns off while riding.

The worst thing is this that customer executive arent aware of the OTA Updates. Secondly, anything you ask them they have a typical answer “I’m a third party person, I will not be able to say anything more I shall raise a ticket on behalf of you”.


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@tarun @abhishek.balaji @ather-bubhandari

Currently my bike has been updated as per the new realse of the OTA 10.0.3.

Here are few observations from my end:

  1. I have noticed that batt has been draining faster post the OTA update.
  2. I have opted for Connect Pro and is active as well but im unable to upload the documents on the app.
  3. Navigation map is very slow.
  4. Bluetooth option is still not active.
  5. App does not sync well with the bike readings.
  6. Sometimes there are dashboard touch navigation issues.
  7. Dashboard turns off while driving.

Any updated on launch of smart helmets?

Most of the issues you have mentioned are being faced by many Ather owners. I have personally only faced the issue of indicators. Apart from that, the ride sync issue was faced by me BEFORE the update which got resolved after the update. But, still, please raise a ticket with issue from the app, if you still haven’t.

Smart Helmets will not be launched anytime before May, 2021 as per my knowledge.

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@swapniljain @tarun Great to hear about the bluetooth update!

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@swapniljain @tarun Looking forward the smart helmet

This is normal helmet.


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Can have the percentage of battery consumed after every ride.