Extended battery warranty - 2years additional

Did we do anything wrong by purchasing Ather 450X before this offer?? Why new booking gets it for 1Rs and Previous owers has to pay 6999/- + GST = 8500/-


Ofcourse a trick to attract new customers before making everything chargeable. Connect subscription will be mostly charged from January for old owners but new owners get 1 year of free subscription.


I bought it in the month of October and for a month Bluetooth was not working. And now i didn’t receive the ride statistics as they have some issues with it.


Felt the same. Echo your point. Let’s tag Ather and ask what is the proper solution for existing gen3 owners


I agree. This is totally unfair for new Gen 3 owners. At the very least they should have some discounts for new Gen 3 owners. I got mine delivered a week ago.


In the same boat as you. Got the delivery a week ago and feel left out. Some kind of discount would have been appreciated. Anyway, I heard from their support team and this is what they told me.

Thank you for reaching out to us. We understand your concern about the extended battery warranty program. It will be offered free for all customers making a purchase in the month of December. Unfortunately, we will not be able to add the previous month’s orders to this program.


Todays Times Of India Newspaper in Udupi:


Does this mean the extended warranty is not available for us even if we are paying extra?


you can get but have to pay 8500/-


This Ather needs to consider for recent buyers also, i got it in October 31, then we too should get it


Just contacted Ather regarding this so he told that this is only for Ather prebookings done in December.Right now I have a delivery in December so I asked him if I would get it and No😑.So he told existing customers would get it in 2/3months


I just contacted the local Ather space in Madurai, and they told that it will be applicable only if invoice is done in December. So technically if you prebooked in Oct/Nov, but if your invoice is done after Dec 01 then I think you should be eligible.


I got my vehicle invoiced on 24th nov and delivered on 29th nov. Disappointed if this offer is only for Dec orders. Even i was not conveyed about any extended warranty during purchase


Atleast they should provide 2years extended warranty offer for Ather 450x gen 3 users because it is a recently launched scooter… i don’t know in what perspective they are giving offers to the new users for the same previling model. Old users should voice out their opinion on this*…its really bad… new users buy the scooter with the positive feedback given by the exisiting users if they disappoint exisiting users they will surely go back in the market.

#We need 2year extended waranty for Ather 450x gen 3 users atleast

How can be the offers differ for the same model scooter.


Same model and same Battery


Bro/sis whatever be the speed you drive or whatever the efficiency you maintain Ather’s battery life will exceed 5 years…You are not gaining anything by getting 2 years of additional warranty…My brother owns an Ather 450 which was bought 4.5 years ago (2019) and he always cruises at 60kmph and 70kmph but his battery life is still healthy and good…Batteries are important but extending their warranty is worthless according to me…I own an Ather 450X Gen 3 and when I compare the battery drop in SoC after travelling a particular distance with the same speed ,I don’t see huge differences 3-4% of the battery percentage lags in the Ather 450 which is completely normal…Instead of buying a warrant you can rather maintain your batteries by keeping a good charging cycle …If Ather 450 battery is helathier then why can’t an Ather 450X be healthier after 3 years…Completely depends on our mindset, if you think for this you will understand this better and there is no assurance that you’ll drive only 60k kms in 5 years which means every month you have to ride only 1000kms in order to retain the warranty…These offers are only to improve marketing…


Bro…I agree with you regarding battery…What about Ather grid being given free for them?

Will they charge us post dec 31st?

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So let Ather mention to all of us that they are giving 5 years warranty for the battery. NO one can say how long the battery will last. 1 battery mite last for 3 years and other mite last for 6 years. So the company provides warranty to it so the customers dont have to worry about it. If a battery cost 5k or 10K than no one will worry about it, if the battery cost more than 30K than its time to think. All the products comes with warranty some will last for life and some get issues in warranty period it self.


All users are eligible for extended warranty only condition is The odometer should be below 25000km to get the extended warranty.

New users can get this for ₹1 while existing customers can get it for ₹6999 + 18% GST = ₹8258.82

P.S, not yet announced for existing customers when it is active.


Rs. 6999/- is incl of GST