Experience Journey with Ather450X

Booked my Scooter on the 26th Dec 2020. Smooth Experience. I already had in mind for a 450X Grey.

1st I loved the test ride experience. The Warp mode was just too amazing.

This is my 1st scooter (Asset) that I bought. Once I love the experience, I always stick with the same for a very long time.

I got my delivery by Feb 2021. The 1st day of ride was just wow. Most of the people on my journey home kept asking a lot of questions on my way home, coz it was fast, great design and electric.

A lot of my friends wanted to play a race to check it’s power, but all the time Ather won on it pick up, and left them way behind, which takes time to catch up.

The, overall booking process was good. The support on the app was good too.

If I had to vent my frustration on the forum about google maps crashing the Ather team handled it just right. This is what I call a great experience, and promised to improve over the Updated in Future. Now, no crashed on the maps. It’s smooth.

The phone app improved too - Superb.

Till now, 3 OTA updates for the bike, which is amazing, frequent updates means, faster fix on the bugs. This also means customer satisfaction and Ather’s dedication of being customer centric.

Well done to the Entire Ather Team. Keep up this great Experience.

I also, see Mumbai is working hard on the after purchase product service.