Excellent service and issue resolution experience from Ather Space Kannur

I know we often use the public forums to rant about bad service experience , rarely we write about positive experience

So today I had such an experience which was excellent from Ather space kannur team

Issue : my flight was delivered 3 days back and from past couple of days i was facing a difficulty to remove the charger plug once the charging was completed , the use of word difficulty will be subtle when compared to the problem I faced i was not at all able to remove it from the socket , i tried to the extend where I felt the whole charging point may come out because of the force i was applying :joy: , it was the same case with both grid as well as pc

So I visited the Kannur EC today ( somehow I managed to remove it from the slot with the help of the technician on call the last night ) they were very quick to attend my issue checked it and told me that they need to replace the charging port under warranty and it may take 2-3 hours for whole warranty approval and replacement , i was ok with that and went on with my daily chores in the city

Got a call in the evening and voila the issue was resolved and the technician named suhail was available there and explained me everything and made sure that I didn’t have any other issues

So it was a pleasant experience when compared to the usual ‘this is normal’ or ’ this is how it works ’ kind of explanations we hear from the traditional auto after sale service team

Kudos to Ather kannur Ec team :blush: .

Me chilling with a tea after a short ride :blush: