EV subsidy by Govt. In 2023

News update: Government triples budget allocation for EVs


Why the Ather hide my subsidy Blog

How give me the answer when i got my subsidy back 8 months gone but still subsidy not receive

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This is not right now i am going to make a youtube video about subsidy and send all the social media platforms

What do you mean that you didn’t get the subsidy? It would be deducted during the purchase, right? Did that not happen? A few more details would be needed for people to help you.


It’s sample i didn’t receive my subsidy nobody response


Well, unless you give us more details, the forum won’t be able to help you. Things to start:

  • When did you purchase?
  • What did you pay?
  • Did they say you’d get a subsidy?
  • If yes, Why did they not give it when you’re purchasing?
  • Do you already have an EV that prevents you from getting a subsidy?

If not, try contacting the customer support directly and see what they would say.

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I was purchased June 20 .2021

I pay cash amount to Ather

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even I did not get subsidy which is declared by Maharashtra government and Ather has taken my sign on forms which has Ather bank account for credit of subsidy by Maharashtra government and no information whether subsidy is credited to Ather and then they have to refund to me as I have already paid that amount of Rs 24500