EV scooters road testing questions

Background - I own an Okinawa scooter and had a harrowing experience in the pits of the local RTO, trying to make figures of 8

Felt that there are a few problems that were specific to that bike and some that are more generic to e vehicles, so here is a list

  • Battery swap is a definite problem for long-term and long-distance travel, how to easily get a battery in and out or charging station set up available across highways, discussion with independent land owners or existing gas stations for collaboration. Is there a difference between vehicle response when there is a battery installed without removability and when the battery is removable?
  • Throttle and motor linkage - how are they linked with a BMS that can handle extreme heat, uphill torque requirements, and rugged roads, I had quite a bit of slipping on stones
  • Throttle and motor link as battery charge varies - if my battery is 70% charged is my top speed affected or initial pick up
  • Battery fear of dying and how economy and boost mode works, show depreciation curve based on the driving tendency to see how long the 25% I have left will last with different speed curves, prompting a shift to eco mode
  • More junkyard wars tests are needed, Battery management and throttle testing - I am sure you guys are on top of this but some info during my next test drive would be cool
  • Have to try out other models - like an overcharged battery that connects to the motor
  • How do policy makers, RTO, and traffic police think about EV scooters, are the vehicles that need a license or recreational devices like an e-scooter in some parts of the world, (tier) for example
  • Renting leasing model for business growth and more people to try like partnerships with Bounce, Yulu is cool but it feels a bit more like a Luna -Doubles troubles - I am trying to lose some weight as I feel it may help with more distance on my Okinawa, have we done a test on a vehicle with like the Indian standard family of 4 on it, trying to go up a flyover?
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